Friday 29 February 2008

An extra day

The last day of the month...and an extra day at that. Just gives me a little more room for maneuver to get my February posts up to the grand total of three! Oh dear....not very productive on the blogging front. I'm feeling tired and weary, but that's not much of an excuse really. I thought I'd end the month with 'photo friday' - a few recent images and inspiration from local places:

Local daffodil fields - laid out like a yellow quilt across the landscape

These gardens are just a couple of miles up the road from me - just a few photos before my camera battery died (major irritation!)

Sand dunes and soft skies, the beautiful cornish light, different every day, but always inspiring, rain or shine, sun or cloud, grey or blue

I'll be back soon, renewed and revitalized and raring to go (she says, confidently!)

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Still breathing....

I really haven't abandoned my blog, I know it seems that way, so let's just say I've slowed up a bit. Stress is running high here, and I feel like I'm juggling way too many balls, so please bear with me. I'll be back here a little more frequently very soon. Aaagh, that feels better!

I made a tiny present for a friend's birthday last week - as well as a handmade card, I made these notebooks from old magazines, re-cut old letterheads (no longer with a valid address) and old card stock. So old everything, recycled into something new. Very simple, useful, and blissfully quick and easy to make!

Monday 11 February 2008

Absent. Again.

I seem to have lost the blog plot lately - been doing other things, not very crafty either. Hey ho! Here are a few images to share from the last couple of weeks (at least I've picked up my camera now and then!).

Aurum Lilies are everywhere in Cornwall. I have a clump in my garden that keep going, and multiplying, with no help from me. I think they like the warm damp climate down here. The new flower spikes are just starting to emerge.....

and unfurl...

Pinky skies as dusk nears, gulls on the rooftops...

Sunlight through the conservatory window, dancing on the wall, highlighting the calender...

A wee wee bunch of muscari from the garden, bringing a touch of spring into my little house.

I've also been reading - this book arrived from Rhonda and I've nearly finished it (thank you, Rhonda). Watch this space as I'll be doing a giveaway to pass it on. It's a good read. It might just stop you in your tracks and make you think.