Wednesday 30 June 2010

golowan flags

I've been distracted by balmy summer sunshine, our annual Golowan festival, and one of my dearest friends coming to stay. All perfect reasons not to be sitting at the computer.

One of the highlights of Golowan is the beautiful vibrant banners and flags that are made by the local community, and used to decorate the town. I love the bursts of colour against bright blue skies, and the gentle sound of them flapping in the wind. They make this small town burst into life, ready for the festivities to begin.

My favourites this year were the new flags at our very own lido, the Jubilee Pool. These were designed and made to celebrate the pool's 75th anniversary.

Aren't they wonderful? The pool also has it's own team of synchronised swimmers called The Jubilees, who performed on Quay Day.

The other thing I love are the reflections of the flags in the sea below the Prom.

Colour reflected in still waters always seems quite magical.

Friday 18 June 2010

a meadow moment

I've been home a few days, and am slowing down to the pace of life, despite having much to catch up with. Quiet walks and sneaking in a moment lying in a buttercup-strewn field have helped me regain my sense of balance after a busy week away. It seems that Walter needed this too!

I had a lovely time, and managed to meet up with Kristina and Tracy at Petersham. The Teahouse was closed for a 'fashion do' so we legged it down to Mrs Moon. Quite simply the most seductive yarn shop I've ever set foot in. A small purchase was made, because I couldn't leave empty handed. Then there was a picnic on the green at Abinger Hammer with Ginny and her girls on a sunny afternoon.

Along with family gatherings and comings and goings, and a trip to the dentist which included the unexpected removal of an impacted wisdom tooth, I'm happy to be home for a little peace and quiet - briefly. It's festival time next week.

Monday 7 June 2010

good things

A few good things:

:: the wild rhododendrons have just blossomed, providing a wonderful colour contrast in the woods

:: this beautiful set of photographs of Hampstead Heath

:: listening to Natalie Merchant's latest album. Sublime...

:: heading up country tomorrow, with some days out planned as well. I'm heading here on thursday

:: a Petersham visit is on the cards, too

Back next week!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

hello, june

I seem to have forgotten how to blog.

May overtook me - a month of being busy, having visitors, and disappearing under a layer of dust and grime from the on-going conservatory overhaul. I'm on the home run close to being able get the paint and brushes out. It's the only creative thing going on around here, bar a little knitting.

The erigeron in the photos is bursting out of a crack in the wall at the bottom of my garden, contrasting beautifully with today's bright sunlight, and the silvery-grey of my fence.

These smile-inducing clumps are a common sight here, falling out of every available crack and crevice, and relishing the slighter milder climate of the far south west. I love them.

I think my visits here will continue to be a little slow, plus I'm headed up country for a family visit next week. There just aren't enough hours in the day and days in the month!