Friday 13 November 2009


A day for remembering. A day for honouring my Mum, and lighting a candle for her. It feels like yesterday and yet, somehow, time has marched forwards and three years have flown by. I don't think the missing part ever goes away, but there are so many happy memories that it's hard to feel down for long.

I was planning to walk here this afternoon. A place very dear to my heart, and a place my Mum loved too. A place where I can feel her presence in the wind, in the smell of the sea, in every step I take along the cliffs, and in every pebble I collect from the beach.

But today the rain is lashing down, the wind is howling, and staying in was a more attractive option. Snuggled up with Walter, some knitting, my winter duvet, and a good book.

And for the weekend, I have a new toy to play with. One of these. I can't wait!

Have fun, I think we're in for a wild and wet weekend.

Sunday 8 November 2009

a day in november

Yesterday it poured.
Today made up for it.

Wednesday 4 November 2009


Does anyone else love pinecones?

I can't resist picking them up when I'm out walking in the woods, stuffing my pockets to overflowing. I love their woody fragrance, so evocative of autumn, and evenings gathered around a fire. And I love how each pinecone is a little work of art in its own right, so intricate and beautiful.

Isn't nature a wonderful thing? And then there's these amazing pinecones.

This one is nestled on my hot-off-the-needles fingerless mitts* - pattern available here, using this wool. They're a lovely snug fit, and the rainbow colours brighten up a grey day.

*actually, only mitt two is hot-off-the-needles. Seems I suffer from second mitt syndrome as well as second sock syndrome.