Sunday 23 August 2009

something made

I was just sorting through a pile of fabric swatches and came across a little bundle from Ian Mankin (who send out free generous-sized swatches). It's all very well looking at fabric online, but it's not the same as running your fingers over the woven threads, trying it out in situ, and getting a feel for the real colours. I love Mankin's fabrics - lovely muted colours, lots of utility fabrics with a contemporary twist, and plenty of linen.

I had a large swatch of grain stripe indigo, and decided to turn it into a lavender bag to hang from my front door (which is actually no longer the front door, but still referred to as such). The weave is quite coarse so I lined the fabric with muslin to prevent any lavender flowers poking through.

In the warmer months this door is always open - it leads into my little conservatory, and then into the garden.

The original letterbox is still in the door - now tinged with rust and long redundant, it's far too small for modern mail. I hadn't really paid it much attention before, but when I got my camera out to take these photographs, and looked through the lens, I finally really noticed it, and appreciated the simple bold graphics. And anything with a hint of rust does it for me. I'm easily charmed.

Thursday 20 August 2009

a big red dahlia

No words. Just a red dahlia (Lover Boy). And a vase (a favourite of mine).

I love the way the glass and the light play together.

Sunday 9 August 2009

meetings at the edge

just sitting
breathing lungfuls of clean salty air
at the edge - where my land ends and the atlantic stretches out in front of me

warmed by the evening sun