Monday 30 April 2012

and then the rains came

It's been very wet here in Cornwall. Checking the weather forecast has become an obsession, in the hope that sunshine might be on the way. It's also prompted me to share this lovely letterpress postcard showing weather statistics for Spring. I love little snippets of information like this.

postcard by Karen Wilks 
So aside from an obsession with the weather, what else has been happening?
:: It's so long since I've posted that blogger has changed, and it took me ten minutes to locate my dashboard!
:: Another birthday has been and gone - they seem to come around with ever-increasing speed these days.
:: My sister Gill came to stay for a few days. In theory a 'crafting weekend' - in fact but we spent a lot of time talking, laughing, eating, drinking, walking....and knitting. But no crafting of the kind we'd intended. The playing-with-paper kind.
:: I haven't mentioned it much lately, but knitting has become a daily ritual. I feel bereft if I don't get my daily fix with my needles. I'm spending more time on Ravelry than I am reading blogs. And I finally got round to posting a finished project on my Ravelry page. I'm now knitting this with this yarn. So nearly finished, and it's beautiful. There are several other projects on the go, too. 
 :: Days like yesterday, where it poured all day, are perfect knitting days. Walter and I walked early (still got wet) and then stayed home. A day on the sofa. Bliss.
:: I wonder sometimes how I managed to blog as often as I used to. Where did I find the time? I guess my priorities have a changed a little, but I still intend to get back here more often. I'm just out of the habit!

Sunday 11 March 2012

beside the sea

Living by the sea provides an ever-changing landscape - one that never fails to inspire and uplift me. These photographs were taken a couple of days ago, as the light was on the edge of fading to dusk.

Wednesday 29 February 2012

an extra day

Today has felt like a bonus - along with the warm and sunny weather that beckoned me outside. I made time for two long walks, and that makes for a very happy dog. I found myself dreaming of sowing some seeds and pottering in my much-neglected garden. We're on the cusp of spring.

This evening I went and saw this film. Go - it's life affirming and it'll make you laugh.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

the cookie jar

There is a jar in my house which is usually full of cookies. Only they are of the 'doggie' variety, so strictly speaking they are all for Walter.

Mostly, I make Walter's biscuits (as opposed to buying them ready-made), using a simple mix of wholemeal flour, porridge oats, a little yeast, a splash of oil, and either chicken stock or marmite and hot water. This makes a lovely soft dough - the best bit is rolling it out and using the bone cookie cutter (we have a large one and a small one). 
My dog is seriously spoilt, but he's worth it. It's a satisfying thing, baking for my boy. I have also been known to occasionally sample a biscuit or two.... I have to keep an eye on the quality control, after all.
What's in your cookie jar?

Friday 20 January 2012

stamp love

Have you seen the fabulous new Roald Dahl stamps?

As Royal Mail says: "gloriumptiously collectable"

The Roald Dahl website is rather fun, too.

Sunday 8 January 2012

a study of paws

Why is it that dogs are so effortlessly flexible compared to us humans? My boy contorts himself into all sorts of odd positions, and then snoozes for hours without a care in the world.

This time his paws seemed so perfectly posed, a photo or two was necessary.

Sunday 1 January 2012


The first day of the New Year, and a favourite time for me. Time to begin!

I have struggled to find time to blog these last few months, and in fact have enjoyed the break. I have to be honest and admit to not even missing this space very much - a sure sign it was time to step away.

I've had a wonderfully restorative and restful Christmas, which was just what I needed. I visited my family up country earlier in December, which in turn gave me some extended time off here in Cornwall these last two weeks. Time for long walks each day with my boy, re-discovering stretches of the coast path I've not trodden in a while, and spending the dark hours of the day knitting or reading, catching up with films and friends, and of course plenty of eating! It's been pretty blissful.

Now a squeaky clean New Year is unfolding in front of me, and I'm feeling excited. I want to dive right in!

Happy, Happy New Year to you all!