Thursday 23 September 2010

random things

My week has been busy and my brain is scattered. My 'to-do' lists seem impossibly long... and I'm heading off in the morning to meet all my family in Dorset for a long weekend to celebrate my father's birthday.

We've rented a manor house (there are quite a few of us) near Burton Bradstock and have planned a weekend of relaxation, cooking together, walking and exploring, and a birthday lunch here. I've been looking forward to this for months...and of course Walter is coming too. I'm also hoping to do a little fossil hunting.

This morning the postman delivered a lovely gift from Gina - I was lucky enough to win her last giveaway, to celebrate 500 blog posts. A beautifully wrapped parcel revealed this exquisite little pin cushion jar. The detail in Gina's work has to be seen up close to be truly appreciated. I need some inspiration to sew - lately all I've been doing is repairing my jeans.

In addition, Gina sent this tiny little hand-made notebook in rich autumn colours, decorated with little leaves. It's quite beautiful. There were also some of Gina's postcards, which I've not had time to photograph. My battery was flat, and I kept having to recharge it for a couple of minutes in order to take any photos at all. Thanks so much, Gina!

To continue the random theme, a new dahlia. This is Kenora Macob, otherwise known as the 'dinner plate' dahlia because the blooms are enormous.

It has that beautiful deep red colour that I love, and is much shaggier and more untidy in appearance than the Rip City. I planted a couple of tubers, and they've been slow to flower, but worth the wait.

See, I said it would be random. I'm all over the place. Must go and pack. Back next week.

Tuesday 21 September 2010


Swatching, for this.

The skeins are enormous - I can barely pick this ball up between my fingers.

Yarn from here. I'm hoping it'll be a quick knit once I've sorted out my gauge. It's definitely the season for a new jumper. What's on your needles?

Friday 17 September 2010

evening at the beach

A lovely afternoon turned into an even more beautiful evening.

It was worth lingering a-while.

It's definitely feeling autumnal - the light glows low in the sky and the air is chilled. I love it!

Have a happy weekend....

Wednesday 15 September 2010

a bunting tradition

Last year and the year before I made some bunting for my sister Gill's birthday, so I guess I'm moving towards making it a tradition. Today is her birthday, and this is a hurried photo of a quick make yesterday. A collection of security envelope paper patterns, and some fine linen thread makes for baby bunting - there are nineteen flags (she's a touch older than that, but my lips are sealed!) and each one is about thumb-nail size, so it's small.

Happy Birthday, Gill!

Tuesday 14 September 2010

pinecones, revisited

A couple of months ago on an early morning walk I spotted some tree surgeons felling some pine trees, not far from my house. The branches were laden with large semi-ripe and green pinecones, which I was eager to gather. After a word with the tree surgeons, they let me through the boundary tape, and I filled my bags to the brim. Typically, since then the pinecones have sat on the floor right where I dumped them (it's fatal having a 'junk' room), while time ticked by and I vaguely thought about what I might do with them. Some will certainly make lovely large firelighters, and probably be given away as presents. Some have opened out in the warmer inside environment, while others are still firmly closed.

These were the ones that I picked out. I scrubbed and dried them, and then painted them with white liquid acrylic ink which is semi-transparent. Last time, I painted small cones on the inside. This time, I wanted to define the outside of the cones before bringing them into the warmth of my sunny little conservatory, where the heat of the sun has caused them to crackle and open out.

They have a beautiful sculptural quality, and I love their shape. I think all these cones are from the Monterey Pine as they're squat and lop-sided (and very common trees round the coast of Cornwall).

Wednesday 1 September 2010


Hello September! How happy I am that you've finally arrived to mark the beginning of my favourite season. Traditionally, a season of transition and change, and for me the best time of year. As it's also a time of letting go I'm continuing with the daily de-cluttering, albeit at a slightly slower pace.