Wednesday 29 February 2012

an extra day

Today has felt like a bonus - along with the warm and sunny weather that beckoned me outside. I made time for two long walks, and that makes for a very happy dog. I found myself dreaming of sowing some seeds and pottering in my much-neglected garden. We're on the cusp of spring.

This evening I went and saw this film. Go - it's life affirming and it'll make you laugh.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

the cookie jar

There is a jar in my house which is usually full of cookies. Only they are of the 'doggie' variety, so strictly speaking they are all for Walter.

Mostly, I make Walter's biscuits (as opposed to buying them ready-made), using a simple mix of wholemeal flour, porridge oats, a little yeast, a splash of oil, and either chicken stock or marmite and hot water. This makes a lovely soft dough - the best bit is rolling it out and using the bone cookie cutter (we have a large one and a small one). 
My dog is seriously spoilt, but he's worth it. It's a satisfying thing, baking for my boy. I have also been known to occasionally sample a biscuit or two.... I have to keep an eye on the quality control, after all.
What's in your cookie jar?