Tuesday 1 January 2013

in with the new!

Hello. It's been a long time, too long really...... but there's nothing quite like a brand new year to feel motivated, optimistic and rejuvenated!

A small change here - the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I've changed my blog name to Walter and Me, something I did a while back, even though I haven't been posting here for some time. It feels right, and what better day to step back into my blogging shoes than the first day of the new year? I'll just see how this unfolds.

I've barely picked up my camera for months, but I do have a favourite sequence to share, taken at last summer's Peace Camp, on the cliffs at Godrevy. It was one of those magical sunsets that took my breath away (just like this one!).

A Very Happy New Year from Walter and Me!