Sunday 20 January 2008

Some colour's needed!

I'm still wading through paperwork here, and will be so relieved to get right up to date. Nearly there. Sort of! So nothing much else is going on, same old stuff, and same old grey dreary damp weather outside. Time I think for some diversionary tactics to brighten these days.

Here's some more of my fabric goodies from my sister - the red/magenta palette. And there's still more, too!

These hotter colours tie in with these anemones I bought yesterday. Even better, they're locally grown and are abundant down here in the damp cornish climate.

Their gorgeous bright colours are echoed in this 'Parrot Tulip' fabric (by Sanderson), part of the gift from G. Can't wait to use it - I'll definitely make some sort of bag. Not long now til tulips will be nudging through outside, too.

It has been said that here in Cornwall winter only lasts for six weeks, usually January into February, as that is the only time temperatures are considered to be cold enough that we can actually call it winter! So spring beckons...just around the corner.


Sally Anne said...

Beautiful anenemones, and great fabrics.A lot of inspiration for those warmer days coming!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how lucky am I?.....
That you should be the recipient of "Choosing Eden". This has lead me to your blog and I'm so pleased it did. What a gorgeous blog you have! :o)

Thank you for sending me a 'thank you'. I appreciate you taking the time and now I have discovered another beautiful blog to read. Yay!

PS: All that fabric from your sister looks so lovely stacked neatly in it's colour groupings. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the colour, grey is starting to wear me out... do you think you might tackle a quilt with your lovely stash? (*^*) Cx

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the anemones - such beautiful colours!