Thursday 23 October 2008

Just knitted

Just off the needles - my new scarf. Modelled, a touch reluctantly, by Walter (he would not sit up, clearly modelling scarves is not his forte).

Knit in garter stitch with Noro Iro, shade 65, on 6.5mm needles, inspired by Suzanne.

Apart from knitting dishcloths and a rabbit, and squares towards my blanket, this is the only other thing I've ever knitted properly.

Here's to lots more. These are on the needles now (no time). Have you seen Ali's? Gorgeous colours!


ginny said...

Hi Diana,
well done it's the colours... a nice strip of mauve in too which makes it look lovely and tweedy.
Really Walter ... if you knew how much it suited you then maybe you would have sat up?!
Not long till you meet Pip ow Diana... now it's my turn to be jealous... wish i could come too!
love Ginny xx

A time to dance said...

Hi Diana
Its a lovely scarf I love the colours - Noro can be a bit hit and miss I find. have you tried felting it? It felts beautifully the booga bag should be your next project you can down load the pattern by googling BOOGA BAG its a black sheep patter, I think you might like it! A little advice make the handle first then you can use up all your wool on the bag as the pattern leaves you with quite a bit left over. It introduces the bliss of circular needles!!! if you cant find it I will email the link
love H ps would you lke some of the vintage fabric - for a swap I have tons.

Lindsay said...

Walter looks so content. Have never got on with knitting - my excuse is that I am left handed and drop the wool after each stitch and end up in a fearful mess.

kristina said...

The scarf looks lovely! And Walter looks so cute in it. I hope he gave it back without incident. Cyrano (my childhood yellow Lab) would have tried to eat it! K x

Ali said...

But my model is nowhere near as cute (or furry!).

Noro is so lovely - you just have to knit and knit so you can see how the stripes are going to come out.

Irene said...

Great looking scarf, Diana, you did a really nice job on that and Walter is modeling that just fine for a reluctant dog. You just must be a very talented person for things to turn out so well. I suppose you have 'gifted' hands. And 'gifted' eyes.

Pipany said...

I love that scarf! It looks so snuggly and cosy - just perfect for this chillier snap. Will you be wearing it next week? Perfect mitt patterns too. So pleased about this as I was going to ask if you had found one yet - lazy? Me?!!! Will get the wool and get going soon.

Wish you were coming too Ginny but am very excited! xx

Sally Anne said...

Fantastic Diana...WOW and it didn't take you very long to knit.I am so impressed and Walter has to be the sweetest model...I love the resigned look on his face !

Simone said...

I think Walter is more a cravat wearing dog!

this is my patch said...

Walter, you model the scarf so well. I love the colours, they really suit you. x

melissa said...

goodness, walter is a beautiful dog. and a sweet one, too, to model your scarf! those colours are divine.