Monday 2 August 2010


Summer has all but disappeared from the far south west these last few weeks. Today it re-appeared, and brightened my morning.

I never tire of looking at the sea, but some days it just stops me in my tracks.


hello gorgeous said...

HOW LUCKY ARE YOU?????? I would kill to have views like this so near to home.......*SIGH* am jealous! ;o)

It can be truly stunning to look at in good or bad weather.....

*another BIG sigh*


hello gorgeous xxx

Lisa said...

So blue!
Many congrats by the way for the great news you shared on your last post about your photography.
Lisa x

harmony and rosie said...

Now, I wonder where that could be?! Looks lovely.

Will be thinking of you this evening ..

K x

kristina said...

Perfect. K x

Jackie said...

I am going to the far northwest next week where I am hoping it might make a re hasn't been here in the close Northwest for a month. We are shivering in Lancashire.

val said...

I know exactly what you mean ..... looking at your photo just took my breath away too. It also made me realize that I haven't seen it for sooooooooo long, I think that will have to be rectified very soon.
Thank you for your reminder of the beauty of the sea.
Have a good day what you are doing,
Val xx