Tuesday 31 May 2011


For the uninitiated, mizzle is a word peculiar to the south west of England, and it describes perfectly the weather we had nearly all weekend.

In fact, it was wetter than it appears here, and the visibility was very poor. Despite the mizzle, a flask of hot chocolate was shared whilst sitting on the rocks having a catch up with a dear friend. Not the perfect weather for a bank holiday weekend, but you have to make the best of it. The sun finally appeared late monday afternoon. Better late than never!

One could also argue that mizzle is an 'in' colour as Farrow and Ball have added it to their latest collection.


Frances said...

Mmmmm, I do love the word mizzle, though I cannot quite remember where I first encountered it.

I am not sure if we ever have a proper mizzle here in New York City, but on some days we do come pretty close.

You've made me laugh with that link to the fabulous paint mixers!

Hoping the sun that shone on us here today will soon cross the pond and give you its brightness...dismissing the mizzle.


Ruth said...

Came across the word "mizzle" yesterday morning! Made me smile to see it on your post. Its definitely a good word for the rain encountered on my trips to the West of Ireland. Lots of "mizzle" days there.

kristina said...

Only you (and perhaps Farrow and Ball) can make mizzle sound so appealing :)

K x

Clare said...

Hee Hee - my friend introduced me to the word Mizzle when we moved here, however I wasn't aware it was a "techincal weather term"! Love it - super descriptive for the type of rain/mist/drizzle we have been having of late.
That Farrow & Ball colour seems pretty spot on too!

Pipany said...

Our boiler went wrong again during the latest batch of Cornish mizzle and it was blooming cold but hey ho, on the up we have ducklings!! Hurrah! We need a catch up lovely lady xx

galant said...

Yes, mizzle is a real west-country word, isn't it, a cross between drizzle and mist. Here, just a long the coast in Devon (OK, in the next country, har, har, Cornwall being a foreign land across the Tamar!) today, Thursday, is a bright sunny day, not quite cloudless but at last feeling a little more summer-like than last week. It's days like this I sometimes waste, torn between sitting in the garden/summerhouse, with a good book and a pot of tea, or getting on with much-needed housework/gardening! Prevaricating won't get either done, the reading or the work!
Margaret P

A time to dance said...

it has been sizzle here...I dont know where it came from...poor Pete went cycling and came back looking like a beetroot....

Tilly said...

I remember rather a lot of mizzling going on when I was growing up (on the edge of the Pennines). Such a descriptive word. Thank you for your kind words about my shawl. I'm so impressed with my ability to knit a cable at last that I'm now attempting a cabled sock. This may well be my downfall!

The Curious Cat said...

Hopefully you received some nice weather today? Like the word though! xxx

dottycookie said...

I grew up with the word mizzle - but then my dad is from Plymouth so perhaps that's why.

My favourite way of describing rain is "it's persisting down" - my husband has a rather ruder version!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

OOh F&B - must check out this new shade. Good thing I like those muted, muddy colours:-)

I love the word mizzle - perfectly apt for this strange old summer we are experiencing.

Hope the sunshine has returned to Cornwall. Unlike us, whose holiday plans have once again been delayed.