Monday, 30 April 2012

and then the rains came

It's been very wet here in Cornwall. Checking the weather forecast has become an obsession, in the hope that sunshine might be on the way. It's also prompted me to share this lovely letterpress postcard showing weather statistics for Spring. I love little snippets of information like this.

postcard by Karen Wilks 
So aside from an obsession with the weather, what else has been happening?
:: It's so long since I've posted that blogger has changed, and it took me ten minutes to locate my dashboard!
:: Another birthday has been and gone - they seem to come around with ever-increasing speed these days.
:: My sister Gill came to stay for a few days. In theory a 'crafting weekend' - in fact but we spent a lot of time talking, laughing, eating, drinking, walking....and knitting. But no crafting of the kind we'd intended. The playing-with-paper kind.
:: I haven't mentioned it much lately, but knitting has become a daily ritual. I feel bereft if I don't get my daily fix with my needles. I'm spending more time on Ravelry than I am reading blogs. And I finally got round to posting a finished project on my Ravelry page. I'm now knitting this with this yarn. So nearly finished, and it's beautiful. There are several other projects on the go, too. 
 :: Days like yesterday, where it poured all day, are perfect knitting days. Walter and I walked early (still got wet) and then stayed home. A day on the sofa. Bliss.
:: I wonder sometimes how I managed to blog as often as I used to. Where did I find the time? I guess my priorities have a changed a little, but I still intend to get back here more often. I'm just out of the habit!


dottycookie said...

I think a lot of us have got out of the blogging habit and are trying to get back into it. It is lovely to see you!

dragonfly said...

I need some knitting inspiration as I've finished up my projects of late. Off to have a look on your Ravelry page!

kristina said...

I have a Plucky Knitter Color Affection kit but have been too scared to start after reading the endless debates re the edging on the Plucky Knitter forum. But yours looks simply gorgeous, so now feeling inspired to give it a go!

And the Secret of Change shawl looks beautiful too. I didn't know about Lioness Arts. You always know the very best yarns and patterns!

K x

Pipany said...

It's all phases and one changes for another! So philosophical Pip!

I will get back to your email my lovely but that is all fine with me. Your shawl is beautiful and I was very impressed with how gentle but firm the yarn is...does that make sense?

Can't wait to meet up again xx

driftwood said...

knitting is good, you can blog your finished items. or in my case never finish the items.....

driftwood said...

knitting is good, you can blog your finished items. or in my case never finish the items.....

julie said...

It's very easy to get out of the habit - especially when times are busy (as they sound like they've been with you). Also there are so many other distractions (Ravelry has a lot to answer for in lost hours here) and if you ask me a day without knitting time would not be complete, so it's lovely to know that you feel the same way xxx

Frances said...

It's good to see this post from you. I know what you mean about not blogging so often, when so many other activities vie for one's time and attention.

Your knitting project is a gem!

rachel said...

I think everyone has a break from blogging now and then. I sometimes struggle to find anything new to write about, but I miss the daily habit of it.

Lovely postcard!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Lovely to see you again Diana, and your knitting projects look fab.

It's so easy to get out of the blogging habit isn't it, I did myself for a while. In any case your posts are always a joy whenever they pop up!


Purrfect Haven said...

its raining here BIG TIME too... and I am STILL trying to get to grips with the new Blogger layout. I must be getting senile (at 40 no less!).. its all taking longer, but maybe because I have brain rot from all the rain! Ha we adore visiting your blog.. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Tracy x said...

hello you x
i know exactly how you feel about the changes to blogger - i was at a complete loss when i first attempted to post after nearly a year!
love that you are knitting everyday and love that we can chat once more x
hugs to you and the boy
t x

Purrfect Haven said...

.. I am making a concerted effort NOT to mention the weather (but its hard)... your post is lovely and I also know what you mean about time and how it shifts and what one once found time to do changes... no matter, its always lovely to read about you. Love Helen, Darcy, and Bingley xxx