Monday 14 July 2008

Back in balance

It seems I was not the only one to have an 'off' week last week, judging by your lovely supportive comments. Pipany made me laugh when she said: "my grumpiness is driving even me mad!" and that's it, in a nutshell. I was irritating myself on a daily basis, and of course I was the only one who could do anything about it. Well, I'm pleased to say that a sense of balance has been restored, helped no doubt by mostly blue skies and sunshine over the weekend.

Time to potter at home - a bit of gardening, a bit of reading, a bit of dreaming. And some time laughing with girlfriends over tea and chocolate brownies, the smoke from the bonfire enveloping us in that wonderful woody smell that lingers in your hair, your clothes, the dogs' fur, long after you've come home.

Loving the bright colours of the calendula and poppies scattered through my friend K's vegetable patch

And I've also been thinking about what it means to be creative - inspired in part by this book, recommended to me by Ginny. It's a great book to dip into...lots of activities to free the spirit, to get you playing again. Overall, it reminds you that being creative is also about having fun and letting go.

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware,
joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware

(quote by Henry Miller, taken from Living Out Loud by Keri Smith)


ginny said...

Hi Diana,
so glad you are feeling more your usual self. loving all your photos on this post.
the smell of woody bonfires sounds much more appealing than the smell i have had to deal with today...poor love is still poorly sick. Looking forward to R coming home so i can retreat into the arbour seat with glass of wine.
Hope the sunshine continues. love Ginny x

Lindsay said...

Love the photos

Pipany said...

Oh you are such a star Diana - I love this post as it has so many of my favourite things: poppies and calendula (Black Prince? Stop sniggering!), wood fires - just bliss and reading which I just haven't been making time for and miss dreadfully. The Senator's Wife looks worth a go and I have seen the one Ginny recommended but not actually read it yet. Glad you are feeling more yourself and thank you for your lovely comments on mine xx

Lindsey said...

If it's any help I think you are my latest 'Living Out Loud'-type influence. I haven't read that book but I want to read yours. There are so many fab things on your blog. The pictures. The ideas. The creativity. And Cornwall, of course. I have just found you through Pipany and I'm desperate to have a bit of time to go back and read through all your old posts.

Meadowlark Days said...

Oy, you still have poppies? I'm envious! Glad you're feeling a bit more chipper.

this is my patch said...

I love a mix of flowers and vegetables in a patch. I have been feeling very down in the dumps lately and your bright colourful photos definitely lift the spirit and a little sunshine has been helping too. Ginny's book suggestion looks like a good one, must remember this when I next order from Amazon. I am now off to have fun and let go with a nice cup of tea! x

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how a bit of sunshine can banish the blues! Glad to hear you are back on form - love the yellow flower picx