Friday 25 July 2008


It really feels like summer's here at long last. There's a palpable sense of slowing down, enjoying each day and the treasures that come with it - most of all the sunshine. Feeling the warmth of the sun's rays, and enjoying the balmy evenings. Of finally wearing t-shirts and not getting chilly. Earlier this week I drove across the moor to the north coast (a mere four miles!) to meet friends for an early evening drink. This was the view. As I drive 'over the top' from south coast to north coast, there is a huge expanse of sky, and then finally the sea again. Every time, it takes my breath away - the vastness of it, and the wonderful ever-changing light.

I love bringing flowers in from the garden, and piling them any-old-how into jam jars, to dot around the house. These are from a friend's garden - Lady's Mantle (or alchemilla mollis) and I'm not sure what the deep red flowers are - I think they may be astrantia. Can anyone tell me?

Nothing much else to say really (can you tell I'm already in weekend mode?), except have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy all this sunshine and blue skies!


ginny said...

you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country... oh to be close to the sea!
Have a wonderful weekend Diana and bask in that sunshine.
with love
ginny x

Niki said...

Hi Diana,
I'm passing the Choosing Eden book along in a blog giveaway, come and visit :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana

Are your flowers Knautia? I have these in my patch at the front.

Hope this weather holds up I am just getting use to it. Enjoy your weekend Diana.


silverpebble said...

Your deep red flowers are a kind of Scabious or Knautia I think - they look stunning with that alchemilla.

How wonderful that you're so few miles from the coast. The sea never fails to make me feel magical.

Ali said...

Hooray for summer - and I came to say scabious too.

Pipany said...

Yes, you too Diana. Hoping to be on one of those gorgeous Cornish beaches for most of the weekend if the weather holds (and probably even if it doesn't).Flowers in jamjars are my favourite too and they are astrantia! xx

Simone said...

I have no idea what the red flower is but I recognise Lady's Mantle! That is a lovely view with the large expanse of sky. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Tracy x said...

lovely, lovely pictures - there is nothing better than a vast sky to lift the soul x
hope your weekend was full of smiles
t x

dottycookie said...

The shape of the flower looks like scabious - can you get magenta scabious? Very pretty with the alchemilla, anyway!

Rhondi said...

Hi Diana
I'm stopping by after visiting Louise at This is My Patch. I saw your comment and wanted to see who had such a fun blog name! What a beautiful view you have. It would take my breath away too.I've visited the moors before. They are wonderful. I enjoyed my visit!

Meadowlark Days said...

Lovely little bouquet! I'd love to have a bit of your pleasant summer - it's downright steamy where I am.

Louise said...

Your flowers and views look absolutely gorgeous. How I love the West Country. x