Tuesday 26 August 2008

We have some winners!

Hello. It feels like I haven't visited this space for a while. A house full of visitors has kept me away from my computer, and you know, I've enjoyed the break. It's made me realize how much time I spend in front of my screen, and how it's good to step back once in a while. Remind me of this in a week or two when I've got sucked back in! I have had the odd sneaky peek to see what you're all up to, but no time to linger...

So are you wanting to know who's won the giveaway, or are you wanting to see a pic of my friend Mark (and his thighs!!)? I think Mark is worthy of a photo after cycling over three hundred miles in three days (I should perhaps add that he's a fitness instructor and very fit!)

Thanks for visiting Mark!

Thank you to each and every one of you who not only left a lovely comment about my cards, but also commiserated about the car ordeal. I'm sorry I've not got around to replying to you all, what with guests to feed and entertain, and repair quotes to organise I've not found the time. Car-wise, I'm lucky - the damage is in fact fairly minor, it's just the energy and effort it takes to sort it all out.

I enlisted Walter's help to pick three names from the bowl...though he was a little over enthusiastic and took a mouthful of paper, which got a little soggy in the process.

So three names are....

Tracy (Two Crofters) at Cupcakes at Home and Sea House

Tracy at Dragonfly

Hazel at Hazeljoy

Please email me your addresses and I'll get your little packages in the post. Thanks everyone for taking part.


silverpebble said...

Many congratulations to the lucky winners! Those cards are very lovely.

Thankyou for the thigh picture. I'm sure it was for anatomical/educational purposes only. Very well done to the owner of the thighs!!

Simone said...

Congrats to the winners. I am glad that I got to get a peek of the thighs!

Tracy x said...

ohhh Mark - you are lovely :)

thank you for the thigh shot!!
and an even bigger thank you to Walter for pulling out my name x
looking forward to gazing at your lovely craftwork.
t x

Gina said...

Mmmmm! Very Fit!

Congratulations to the winners!

kristina said...

Very dishy! K x

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

You are right about "Timeless Simplicity" - I like it a lot. I think it will gently move me along in my own journey towards something a bit simpler in my own life.

ginny said...

thanks Diana... that has made my morning... i like a man with good strong thighs... luckily i do have one at home ... remind me to appreciate him more.
great to hear you had a good weekend. It is good to have blog breaks from time to time... glad you are back though. congrats to winners... lucky lucky people!
ginny xxx

Irene said...

I had a premonition that I was going to win. So much for my second sight.

Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy them very much, they are pretty.

The only thing I ever won, was a cake in a sixth grade raffle. I'm just not lucky that way, so it must have been a fluke.

Pipany said...

Love the thigh shot Diana - even made up for not winning anything! Glad you are back. Was just beginning to think perhaps you were away a bit too long! xx

Louise said...

Congratulations go to the lucky winners, the prizes are lovely. I am so glad you have enjoyed your break away from the big screen and enjoyed your time with friends. Mark must be very fit to do 100 miles a day, makes my cycle ride seem quite ordinary! x

dragonfly said...

Lucky, lucky me! Thank you! And Walter, of course!

What a good sport your friend is, allowing you to photograph his thighs!!!