Thursday 18 September 2008

Gongs and a blog-date

I have been honoured with some awards in the last few weeks (months?) and have been very lax in posting about them. And I am honoured - I've received these with a sense of disbelief, and a huge grin...because it never ceases to surprise me that you lovely people visit my blog, come back for seconds, and furthermore, lots of you leave me comments. It makes my day (and I really mean that). I've even had the fun of my first 'blog date' - more of that in a moment.

Three generous bloggers have awarded me the 'I Love Your Blog' award:

So my thanks to Louise at Louise@Home Is Where The Heart Is, Ginny at The Flour Loft, and Aubrey at The Quiet Life.
Each of these blogs are well worth visiting - drop in, say hello, and visit often.

Irene at The Most Splendid Day! has just presented me with this award:

Thanks so much Irene! Irene has just moved back to Blogger, and has a beautiful new banner, so go and take a peak.

Here's the bit I'm not good at. The rules....anyone who knows me well will know that I'm not a follower of rules but a breaker of rules, in many areas of my life. And I hate feeling right now, I'm not passing these on...but I might just surprise you one day (without any obligation). And by not passing these on, it doesn't mean I'm not inspired by all of you - on the contrary, I struggle to narrow it down to a handful. So I'm not even going to try.


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of my first 'blog date' - taking that leap from 'virtual' to 'reality'. I admit to a mixture of excitement and terror (I can laugh about that now). The excitement was understandable - I was going to meet someone who has supported my blog from the word go, leaves me lovely comments and sends me emails sharing her latest knitting projects (the Noro Iro is now on order, courtesy of a late birthday pressie from my biggest sis). The trepidation was along the lines of...what shall I wear (I'm a real scruff bag), She'll think I'm a fake, my blog edits out all the grotty bits, so it's life through rose-tinted specs, I'm not really creative....and so on..and on. I suspect it's something along the lines of what most of us might be feeling. And actually, once I met Suzanne, all those feelings melted away. Suzanne had travelled all the way from Glasgow to Cornwall (with a yarn purchasing detour in Wales!) to visit her sister. We met up for coffee and cake (actually, it was only me who scoffed cake!) at The Exchange - the new part of the Newlyn Gallery, here in Penzance. We talked non-stop, and got chucked out when the cafe was closing. I think we could have talked for hours.... Thanks Suzanne, for visiting my neck of the woods. I had a really lovely time and I wish you weren't as far away as Scotland!

Suzanne's gorgeous tweed scottie dogs - available from her etsy shop


Anonymous said...

ThankYOU! It was lovely to meet up with you - it was probably a good thing we got chucked out as I COULD have talked for ever! Glad you like your dogsx

kristina said...

Really enjoying Suzanne's blog. And I definitely edit the not-so-jolly bits out of my blog :) K x