Wednesday 15 October 2008

The postman delivers

Firstly, thank you for all your birthday wishes for lovely Walter. Needless to say, he's been spoiled rotten, not that that's unusual!

Last week my postie delivered two parcels (lucky me). The first was from Ginny, who sent me a signed copy of Sew Fabulous Fabric. This is Ginny and Alice's first book, and it's a real delight.

Ginny has asked me to review it. I'm looking forward to this - it's also a great opportunity for me to expand on my very basic sewing skills. To start me off, Ginny also sent a selection of supplies - beautifully wrapped, right down to the string, and in my favourite colours.

I also have a new sewing machine (more of that another time) so no excuses now for equipment failure. Over the next few weeks I plan to try a few of the projects in the book...and then let you know how I get on.

Thanks so much Ginny! I think there will be some inspiration for christmas here, too.

Parcel number two came all the way from Frogdancer in Australia. I was lucky enough to be a winner (yet again, must admit I've done very well in giveaways) in her draw for a Mystery Practical Thing, and now have a lovely potholder, made entirely from thrifted fabric and scraps, including the thread. Not only that, she's only very recently started quilting. It's beautifully made. Thank you, Frogdancer, and I know it's going to get lots of use.

Also included in the parcel was some chocolate.....there were five bars, then only four to photograph. And now I've eaten the lot.

I do like the little furry animals on the packaging - though why does Cadbury's chocolate made in another country taste so completely different from the stuff you get here?

Frogdancer also tagged me for six unspectacular facts about myself. Gulp. Here goes...

:: I'm tall...not quite six foot.

:: As I child I was a real tomboy. Still am, to a certain extent.

:: I'm a solitary soul, quite happy with my own company. I can be quite unsociable.

:: I love twine, parcel string, linen string, hemp string, jute...all sorts!

:: Autumn is my favourite season.

:: I came to Cornwall quite by accident - I was meant to be going biking in the Atlas Mountains. but ended up in Cornwall instead (another story). I knew instantly I wanted to live here. And how lucky I am to have made the move.

If you want to play along, feel free....


Heart in the country said...

Those chocolate bars look very much like the little bars I can remember from my childhood, they sold them in the school tuckshop for 2 1/2p...those were the days! I haven't seen them around for ages in the uk.


ginny said...

the reason why you do well in giveaways is because you are a beautiful soul and it is karma.

Tilly said...

Glad to hear Walter had a good birthday.
Looking forward to your book review - I like the look of it.
I'm also a rather unsociable soul!

Irene said...

Here's another soul who enjoys her own company rather well. The thing is, I never get bored with myself. I do like the fact that I have the animals for company, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana
I like the look of Ginny and Alice's book. I'm into small projects at the moment, a way of using up my supply of odd pieces of fabric.

Pippa xxx

Anonymous said...

Your potholder photo looks by far more alluring than mine!
Interesting about the chocolate. Maybe it's the different grass that the cows eat?

dragonfly said...

Another book hits my Amazon wishlist! I'll look forward to seeing what you make...

Pipany said...

Hi Diana. Love the tag list, though didn't picture you as particularly tall for some reason. I enjoy my own company too and am now desperate to hear about how you landed up here - not too long to wait for you to tell me! Sooo looking forward to it! Happy Thursday xx

Sally Anne said...

Exciting times for you sewing machine plus new inspirational book equals productivity!

Anonymous said...

Hi, to answer your question, chocolate can taste different in different countries due to variations of the items produced. a dish i tried to make a slovak dish in England that required white flour that failed, because you must use slovakian style flour. so, cadburys may have the same ingredients, but they could be different in substance. Hope this helps

Sheila said...

congrat on winning competion and will look foprward in reading your review on ginny's book, and you have got new sewing machine, lots of work to be done then, I'm another soul who enjoys her own company