Saturday 24 January 2009

observing :: kite surfing

Strong wind, choppy seas - perfect for kite surfing. Not so perfect for shooting straight into the sun.

I have to make an unexpected trip up country - back soon. And I will get on top of my comments very soon. I do so appreciate you dropping by and saying hello. Thank you!

Happy weekending, whatever you're doing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,
wow! that looks like it would shake away some cobwebs.
I am working this weekend, although am happy to do so... hope your weekend is good
with love
Ginny xx

kristina said...

Hope everything is okay re unexpected trip. Very behind on my blog and comments but thinking of you. K x

Lisa said...

Hope all is well.
Take care
Lisa x

alice c said...

Dear Diana,
Wishing you a safe journey and a quick return home. Please don't worry about responding to comments - I love seeing your photos of Cornwall and just comment as a way of saying thank you.

Simone said...

I hope all is well with you Diana.x

Anonymous said...

We've been to that beach, yes, we've definitely been to that beach. Hubby has kite buggied there! I lurve Cornwall. Been going there for over 30 yrs. Hubby said he lived there for a while and the relentless bad weather in winter got him down, but I only remember the good weather and lying on the beach listening to Pink Floyds' Wish You Were here! Should be down your way again in October (It's just too busy during the summer hols). More pictures of the beautiful Cornish scenery please! xxx

dottycookie said...

Those kite surfers are simply amazing, aren't they?

Hope your trip goes well, and you return safely soon.

Exmoorjane said...

Wow, fabulous.
Don't remotely feel you have to reply to me either...
Hope you have a great trip and sorry I haven't been around much of late. Will go now and catch up a bit - see what y ou've been up to, you creative soul. jx

Janette said...

fantastic beach scenes around my favourite coastline.


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely! It reminds me of Watergate Bay!

silverpebble said...

Hope you're having a lovely trip - your pics have been wonderful. The kite surfing looks very cold but liberating! I'd love to have a go.