Wednesday 20 January 2010

stamp love

I love these new stamps - have you seen them? I've mentioned before that I like a good stamp.

Ten iconic album covers from the last forty years. Can you name them all at a glance? The one that stands out the most for me is The Clash with London Calling - they were the first band I ever saw live. I still have the album, too, not that I've played any albums on vinyl for over twenty years.


dragonfly said...

Hey! I'm a collector too (or, at least, I pay the Royal Mail to address it to No2!). I love these stamps, especially the Coldplay and Blur ones. I posted about them last week!

dottycookie said...

I've not seen them, but I have to say I was horrified to realise that Screamadelica is nearly 20 years old - now I feel ancient!

Pipany said...

Lord, shows how unhip I am as I don't know any of them! I'll show them to Mr D tonight and see how many he'll know - he thinks he's seriously hip to the groove of course!!!

Diana the knitting on your last post is beautiful. I LOVE the colour, love the wool and the pattern has me intrigued as I can't quite work out the third stitch. Is it knit through the back of stitch? Whatever it is I love the texture of the rib. Well done on all that unprocrastinating. I am getting there too though the dreaded books aren't quite finished (further on than this time last yea\r though!). Much love dear lady xx

Diane said...

Ive still got all my old vinyl!! The art work on the covers has much more impact than on a CD. My collection is very poppy" though - not cool and trendy!

Simone said...

I think I recognise Tubuler Bells by Mike Oldfield but I have never owned it or listened to it! I would love to collect stamps but I collect too many other things already! x

ginny said...

Hi Diana,
....we guessed a few but had to look the others up .... now i do know how much you like stamps as your letters always display some beauties... i always tear off all the stamps i receive to recycle but i have saved the post box and mini car ones you sent me and they are on my pin board as i love them ... so iconic!

wishing you a happy weekend and hope the T*X R' is going well,
you in my thoughts often
much love
ginny xxx

The Curious Cat said...

Tubular Bells!!! My fav! And Blur, Coldplay and Pink Floyd (? Or is that Genesis?! Gosh mixed up there a bit I think!) ...not sure about the rest... Stamps are cool - I went through a bit of a phase as a small child - my dad had an old collection from when he was a child...I wonder what happened to those?? xxx

Anonymous said...

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The stamps are really fun and ideal gift for a vinyl fan.
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suzanne said...

For me it is Ziggy Stardust. It was the very first album I bought. It cost #2.49 from a shop in Weston-S-Mare that also sold musical instruments (no such thing as a dedicated record shop back then)!

kristina said...

I'm feeling so uncool. I can only identify two... K x