Monday 1 February 2010

hello, february

So February is here, and January is done and dusted.

It was a month of loose ends, catching up, organizing, and doing all the necessary bits and pieces for my tax return (a task I annually put off until the very last minute. That was the last time, ever. This year is going to be different - all part of unprocrastinating). In fact, the unprocrastinating has started quite well. I think I will do the odd catch-up post here and there.

So February, what do you bring?

(hwevrer is cornish for february)

New images on my calenders - always fun to turn the page.

Lighter mornings and slowly, joyously, the lengthening days as we emerge from winter darkness.

Daffodils - in the fields all around me where they are grown for the commercial market, blooming early in the mild cornish climate. And of course they are bursting out of the florists around town, buckets overflowing. I'm sure the odd vase full will grace my house, too.

Writing up plans and lists for the month ahead. Things that must be done, and things I'd like to do. I like a good list.

Thinking about a new knitting project - I'd like to knit a jumper, and was given some vouchers for wool from my sisters. I'm favouring this pattern, but am also taken with this and this. What do you think?

I seem to have slipped into a little ritual of afternoon tea and crumpets - hope that continues through the month.

And I realize too the difference it makes when I write a blog post on the first of the month. Start as you mean to carry on. It helps set my intention for the days ahead, rather than letting them drift by.

February, I'm ready. A short month, and I want to make the most of it.


dragonfly said...

I really like the last jumper. I've been toying with the idea of knitting myself a real item of clothing and this is just what I had in mind. I want to use Rowan Cocoon - it's so snuggly!

February will fly by no doubt.

Frogdancer said...

The second one... I've popped it in my queue, thanks!

Pipany said...

What is going on with Bloglines? Didn't show your last post till today...humph. Anyhoo, hello diana and woohoo! It's all done! Our tax returns are filed and the next one will be done early...won't it?!!! I am already up to date with my expenditure and am doing the income; never been so blooming organised, but it was so easy while I was in the mindset and not chasing deadlines. thank you so much for the word unprocrastinate which seems to be working for me. The daffs are wonderful aren't they? Can't beat Cornwall for daffy time. Or bluebell time. Or anytime really. Can't seem to find the second pattern, so will have another look, but I do love the Francis one very much. Enough yapping from me and when are we having coffee? xx

Pipany said...

Oops, that's because I didn't sign in! Love both, so you choose x

Petit Filoux said...

Think I prefer the first pattern - tea and crumpets sounds good to me! x

kristina said...

Tea and crumpets sound lovely. And I've been in love with that last pattern for a while now, though I really like the previous one, too! You have the most wonderful taste in knitting patterns.

K x

caireen said...

have a good one! Cx

The Curious Cat said...

I can't wait for the daffodils to start peeping up! Let's hope that February is a fun month! By the end it will definitely be a growing world - a lighter place! That is always good! xxx

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Ooh the dreaded Tax Return - I'm glad that's over for another year!
And thank goodness for February I was beginning to think January would never end! Interesting to note that daffodils are out in your part of the world already - I can just imagine that beautiful splash of colour.
Crumpets are now on my shopping list!

Jeanne x