Tuesday 9 November 2010


The weather these last few days has been wet and wild. It's a case of batten down the hatches, or get outside and embrace it. We've been doing the latter, dodging the deluge of rain, splashing in puddles, and taking in the energising effects of the wind. It's bracing stuff!

Enjoying the reflections and the occasional hint of blue skies....

....along with the stormy ones, and the amazing light that lingers around this peninsula.

Do you like this weather, or loathe it?

*  *  *
Thank you to everyone who entered the draw for Homemade. It seems there are many of us who miss Elspeth, and the joy and inspiration she spread around blogland. The winner of the book is Caireen, which please me greatly. The Patchwork Dress was one of the first blogs I started reading, and Caireen then inspired me to start blogging way back, so this seems rather appropriate.
Sometimes, what goes around comes around....I was lucky enough to win a giveaway myself yesterday. If you're not familiar with Arounna's work, and her journal bookhou at home, prepare to be inspired.


kristina said...

I love those first two pictures. And while I don't mind the wind--quite exciting really--I'm not so keen on the wet.

K x

dottycookie said...

I'm with Kristina. The rain has just made all the windblown leaves treacherous! Still, it's a good excuse to light a fire and eat gingerbread.

Petit Filoux said...

I'm off to check out those two new (to me) blogs straight away!

sweetmyrtle said...

hurrah... congrats to Caireen. super happy for her. and congrats to you too, that scarf looks like it was made for you. just perfect. what a beautiful blog too.
wishing you a cozy week and don't get blown away!
lots of love to you and Walter
Ginny x

rachel said...

I loathe windy weather, but rain is fine, so long as I'm dressed for it, and it isn't the horizontal, driving sort! The labrador doesn't notice any of it....

Clare said...

I don't mind this weather - especially here by the sea as the landscape just changes so frequently. I love wrapping up warm and just embracing it as you say. However, I also like lighting the fire and warming some mulled wine! Opps is it Christmas already!? lol

caireen said...

woohoo! - am very excited - thanks D, CXXX

Griffin said...

I love this weather... when I'm indoors and it's warm and I've got a cuppa in my hand!! Hate walking through it in town as I did yesterday. An umbrella's no good and it's sooo cold!!!

Rain OR wind I'm ok with. Both at once is a bit much!

Curlew Country said...

I adore this time of year and the dark afternoons and fierce weather too. There's nothing better than cosying up after a bracing walk if you ask me. I even find myself wishing this time of year here sooner!

If we didn't have this we wouldn't have balmy summer days when the sun doesn't set until 10.30.

The seasons an all they bring are things to treasure.

Wonderful photos, especially the sun and cloud. Thanks for sharing.

dragonfly said...

As long as I'm dressed appropriately, I don't mind the wind at all. Sometimes, I don't mind the rain either! Except for the way it makes Pip smell!

I'm with Kristina on your first two photos too - they are gorgeous.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Every year I initially find it difficult to deal with the dark afternoons in November but as winter progresses I embrace it. I particularly like winter seascapes and love bracing beach walks. I just have to remind myself that winter gives way to spring then summer and that every season has so much to offer.

Your photos are stunning Diana.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Diana
Your photos are wonderful, so atmospheric. I adore images of reflections in water. And great news about Caireen winning your giveaway - she's a talented girl and I have some of her gorgeous tags decorating our home.
Thank you for your lovely words about our special news, I really appreciate you joining in the celebration :-)
Have a happy weekend,
Denise x
PS: love or loathe the weather? Well, I tend to take it all as it comes unless the rain really stops me doing something special outdoors! But a great excuse to stay in, get cosy and crafty :-)

A time to dance said...

what beautiful pictures...I love my handmade book, its one of my favourites...hope you are well..much love to you..H

Purrfect Haven said...

would love a fabric made of the colours in your photos. Lovely post. Helen

Jackie said...

I admire your positivity! I find it hard to embrace the dull and miserable weather, much better today with a bit of sunshine, weak as it was.

Julia said...

Your photography is so magical - I love the reflections you have captured. I also like those blustery days myself this time of year, especially with huge steel grey clouds fractured by glimpses of watery blue...

Thank you for the links to the other blogs, which Im off to visit after posting this!

Sending love
Julia x x x