Wednesday 1 December 2010

life as I know it

There never seems to be any rhyme or reason why I slip out of the blogging habit. It's not intentional, it just the way life happens sometimes. Other things creep in and take the place of blogging and computer time. Ironically, I've been busy on the creative front, so I should have plenty to show you, but I've rarely picked up my camera to document the process.

I've finished my jumper and I absolutely love it. It fits! It's keeping me warm and snug on these icy days,  and I've already cast on for the next one. There won't be pictures of me wearing it - I loathe having my photograph taken, and have no desire for photos of myself here on my blog. On chatting to my sister Gill, she wryly commented: "Well, you could always put a paper bag over your head!"

Other knitting is in progress, mainly for Christmas...slouchy hats, scarves, and so on. I can't give too much away here... just some simple, fast projects. Some of these patterns are perfect, and knit up quickly.

I'm loving this cold icy weather, and the miracle of snow in the far south west in November. It's virtually unheard of...and I'm a sucker for the white stuff. I've been out walking with my boy, who rolls endlessly in the frost. It seems to give him an extra zest for being out and about.

The trees are bare, and their dark silhouettes provide a beautiful  contrast to the clear bright skies. I spend many of my walks with my head tilted back looking up through the branches, savouring the skeletal shapes, but not the resulting stiff neck.

So what else to share? I've just finished this book, and found it hard to put down. I had a couple of late nights reading into the wee small hours. I enjoyed the latest Mike Leigh film, Another Year - more gentle, funny and sad observations on life. I'm listening to this album on repeat. I've loved his music for over twenty five years, and this doesn't disappoint.


Purrfect Haven said...

I'll give that book a go. I know what you mean about keeping up with blogging; life is full and distracting. It was a lovely post though, a mini tour of your world with sign posts. Great. Helen

A time to dance said...

lovely to hear from you again...I know how you feel...I just dont know where my time has gone...going to check out your links now while the soup cooks on the stove and thesnow continues to fall and fall and fall

A time to dance said...

Ps I have loved Bruce since I was 17 and I have bought this and live at Hyde Park for Pete for thinking of opening it early

Marigold Jam said...

Good to see you whenever you can make it! Love the photos and thanks for the info on the book - I looked at that one yesterday and wondered whether to get it.

Keep cosy.


caireen said...

I am also a big Springsteen fan, I think he is a genius - last years footage of him at Glastonbury had me on edge of my seat! I saw him when I was 17 in Newcastle.. - his songs are like stories or mini films. I think you either love or don't - but finding another Springsteen fan feels like a club! Cx

kristina said...

Oooh I'm hoping to start Idlewood soon too--once again great knitters knit alike :) And you know I feel just the same about having my picture taken. Wonder what I'll do if I ever knit a hat?!

K x

dragonfly said...

Ah, there you are! Pip, I'm afraid, is the complete opposite of your boy - he doesn't like the cold at all! I'm sure he's not really a lab!

Love the tree tops and that album is on my iTunes wishlist.