Tuesday 11 January 2011

calendar girl

Before I get in to today's post.....it seems that quite a few people have never eaten jerusalem artichokes (see last post) and that made me think about where I get mine, because you don't often see them in your regular greengrocer. I buy mine at my local farmers' market, or WI (yes, that's women's institute) country market. Failing that, I might be lucky enough to be given a bag by friends. They're very easy to grow, and in fact can be a little invasive once established!

So...on to other things. January is a time of renewal on many levels, including hanging the new calendars. I love the ritual of choosing a new calendar...or two... I find it incredibly hard to restrict myself to just one. I did have vague thoughts of creating my own, but in truth that got no further than a random whisper in my brain. Besides, it's always fun looking at other people's work, and it's a great way to have some new artwork on the wall. This year I have chosen Flora Douville's photo calendar again. I had one last year, and it was gorgeous. How could I not be seduced a second time? Flora has three different calendars on offer (and if you're quick, a giveaway for one, too).

Isn't it beautiful? I love the juxtaposition of the images.
There is also a minor detail which crops up in european calendars versus american calendars. I like my week to start on a monday...so my weekend is complete at the end of the week. Most american-made/designed calendars start the week on a sunday, and it splits my weekend up. I feel cheated! A minor detail, I know, especially as I rarely look at the day and date anyway. That's reserved for the kitchen calendar, which hasn't arrived yet - the one where I scribble important things like birthdays.... One year I failed to write anything on it at all. You can imagine the consequences.


Marigold Jam said...

Lovely calendars - I hadn't realised that it was when they are printed in US that the weeks start on Sunday and not Monday! Like you I prefer my weekend all of a piece! Love artichokes too and make a lovely soup using them. Just best not eaten prior to a social gathering!!


Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you for the link to the giveaway - they are beautiful calendars. I prefer my weekend all in one piece too!

Pipany said...

I had to laugh when I read Jane's comment above because I was thinking the same thing! Artichokes are delicious, but createth wind when consumed in quantity!
Hello you.How's the bookwork coming on (muine isn't as yet...sigh) xx

Anonymous said...

You should design your own and incorporate some of the brilliant photos from your blog. I think pictures showing a slice of life on the scenic coast would be a sure fire commercial success - you could call it the "Cornish Pastiche" calendar!

caireen said...

that is a lovely calendar - you find such lovely things! I had a real problem finding one, am torn between needing one and sometimes (not really liking them!) maybe its the finality of writing on them that puts me off, so I prefer it on a table where it drifts about! In the end bought a charity wildlife one. Yes, you would do a lovely calendar, but I understand living with your own artwork, and its the joy of an undiscovered image each month isn't it. sorry am rambling. hugs x

A time to dance said...

what a lovely calender...I love them too but always forget to write on them...no wonder I am always missing things...hope you are well...H