Saturday 8 January 2011

double whammy

A quick knit completed and dispatched this week - a present for Ben's birthday.

I love this hat because it's:

Easy to knit
Stylish and warm
And you get two-for-one - it's fully reversible, just turn it inside out!

 slightly gloomy pics - a distinct lack of daylight this week!

And he loves it, which is a relief.

The pattern is Christopher by Jane Richmond, and it knits up on 4.5mm needles. I used some more Sublime organic merino from my stash. It's wonderfully soft, with a fine halo. It's such a shame this wool has been discontinued, though I have to confess to buying quite a few balls in various colours when it was discontinued at Kemps and Black Sheep (both sites are worth keeping an eye on, the occasional gem turns up).


Frogdancer said...

That hat is fantastic!

harmony and rosie said...

Heavens, with those perfectly neat and teeny stitches I'm not in the least bit surprised he loves it. x

sweetmyrtle said...

your knitting is so neat... love that this is reversible.
i have been getting into knitting and knitted rod a rather nice ribbed scarf for Christmas. i also knitted the girls a scarf each, am so proud of myself can't you tell. love that on a cold day they are wrapped up in my love.

hope you are keeping warm. love to Walter too(loved the photo of him). met a retiever pup today that walter would have loved playing with no doubt.

with love to you dear Diana
ginny x

kristina said...

Oh it's absolutely perfect! And in the exact colors I was imagining for a Christopher to go with G's winter coat. Now off to track down discontinued yarn!

K x

Unknown said...

what gorgeous perfect hat!