Tuesday 15 February 2011


After playing comes making.

I was wondering what to do with my card printed with random red lines, and decided to make a simple blank notebook. Like many things I make, it's quite small. I wonder about this sometimes. I feel comfortable with 'small' - is it because the smaller something is the harder I think it will be to see the faults? Perhaps if my work is quite tiny, I hope it won't be noticed at all. I feel distinctly uncomfortable under the spotlight. Most of my skills are self-taught, and usually a positive result comes from much trial and error. I am also very critical of anything I make - focusing too much on the end result rather than enjoying the process, and learning and growing from it.

I digress. I hadn't intended to talk about all that, but it's been simmering under the surface, so clearly it's reached boiling point! My intention is to start selling some of my work, albeit in a small way, but it feels very scary, and a real leap of faith, too.

So here's a wee notebook. The pages are made from some old compliments slips. It needs to sit under a heavy weight for a few days to 'cure' it and stop it automatically opening at centre page. It's a simple stitched binding with waxed linen thread and all the pages have been hand-cut, so there's inevitably that slight quirkiness that comes from something handmade.

I'm pleased with it, but I've no idea yet what I'll use it for. Lists of some sort, I expect. Or maybe it will end up being gifted to someone else.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

The old saying 'all good things come in little parcels' had to have some truth in it and I must say from experience the smaller something is the harder it is to make, so you do yourself down. The note book looks great.
Good luck with your new venture, I am sure you will do very well.

Marigold Jam said...

Like WinniebrigsHouse I'd say making small is often more difficult but then again like you I often go for small as it will get finished quicker (not sure if that is true but that's the way my reasoning goes) Love the little book and am sure you will find many uses for it and the only difficulty will be deciding which to go for.


Unknown said...

Well done you. What a fabulishious wee notebook. I too agree that the smaller something is the more intricate and fiddly it can be!!! And there sure is nowt wrong with being critical of your work! Shows you care about it and it's quality!!!

Like you I'm self taught and I'm just in the process of getting my Etsy store up and running (been blogging for just over a month now too). I believe if your heart is totally in love with what you do then that's the most important thing. Just go with it. There's gona be ups n downs for sure but hey that's what makes us?!?!

We will have to help n support each other along the way hey Diana?!?!

Loves, Ionwen XXX

jan said...

Just go for it - what's to lose?


Ali said...

I know as soon as I'm making something for money that I am plagued by enormous feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. That's probably why my etsy shop lies empty most of the time! Can't take the stress.

But your thread print as a notebook looks great and small is perfect for popping in a handbag.

Pipany said...

I think Ali has hit the nail on the head Diana. We all worry far more when it is for a customer. Your work is great m'dear so go on and do it! x

kristina said...

Oh your notebook is lovely.

But I can relate to everything you say. I've always worked on a small scale, and I think my reasons are the very ones you've expressed.

I think you should cast any doubts aside though and start selling your work. It really is so beautiful!

K x

sweetmyrtle said...

Ali & Pip's comments resonate with me too. focusing on end product to sell makes me also feel uncomfortable. i gain enormous pleasure out of making as gifts and this year i am embracing process more and when i feel ready will be offering some of my sweetmyrtle creation/images for sale too, so i inderstand your reservations.
your work is wonderful Diana, you are extremely skillful and your colour palette is pure and soothing. my advice to you is to just go for it. create what you love and add to your shop whenever you feel the urge. i know you love giving gifts away so why not pop the things you create into your etsy shop? think of it... you are giving your readers the chance to connect with you further by offering them a piece of your handcrafted work which will give them immense pleasure and they will want to enhance your experience of the sharing by giving you the gift of money in return. perhaps that is how we can get around 'selling' our creations by thinking of it as an exchange which enhances both parties? i know an etsy shop of yours will be beautiful. so grasp the moment, open one this week, you have nothing to lose!
so excited for you
warmest wishes dear friend
ginny xx

Gina said...

I think self doubt and being too self critical goes with the territory when you make things by hand. Your little book looks delightful as does everything you make and show on here. I can't wait for your shop to open.

ayearabovetheshop said...

It is beautiful. Great process too, love it. What is that lovely looking tool? A braddle? Gorgeous blog, Miriam

Griffin said...

It looks fab. Write some pomes in it and then sell it. Small can be good too. Don't fret over whether you're good enough or not. If you love it, someone else will.

I would suggest getting acid-free paper to use for the pages cos it lasts longer tho'. Otherwise it's a charming little book.