Friday 25 February 2011

good things

:: it's friday. That means the weekend is just around the corner.

:: I had one of these with my morning coffee. Yum.

:: new season purple sprouting broccoli - I love this steamed, and finished off with a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a twist of black pepper

:: my red boots - colour for a grey day

:: winding a skein of wool into a ball, ready for this pattern

:: enjoying the heady fragrance of hyacinths. Note the use of an old knitting needle as a support stake

:: soup is bubbling on the stove - it's a soup-kind-of-day here, and I found some split peas lurking in the back of a cupboard. They need eating

Do you have plans for the weekend? I'm hoping the weather will brighten up for some good walks - accompanied by my boy and a flask of hot chocolate.


dottycookie said...

We'll be cooking a ham that's been frozen since Christmas, and having a ig family get together to make up for the one we missed then - hurrah!

Pipany said...

Hello lovely lady. You have been in my thoughts today. First up, well done on the gorgeous socks from the last post. I saw the one you finished and loved it. Hurrah also for the finishing of the cowl jumper - need to see you in it now (and as for the scrumptious buns in the pic...Mmmm).

Purple sprouting broccoli is my absolute all time favourite and my mouth waters at just the thought of it. I have been knocking up batches of soup here too - where is our share of the sun?!!

Confused about the new sock Diana; I thought a new jumper was in the offing? I would be so grateful if you could knit up the Breakwater sweater in anticipation of great things! I am seriously considering casting on Laurelei from my Ravelry queue and am now in the process of picking yarn.

Have a fab weekend my dear sweet friend xx

dragonfly said...

A friend visiting tomorrow so a good excuse to try out new recipes.
A potter around the garden centre with the excuse to order some chicken feed.
Oh, and 998 more paper cranes to make...

kristina said...

Oooh those socks are going to be gorgeous! I bought a skein of Buffy Sock in Second Sight after your last post. But for some reason still struggling with holes in my heel corners. I've obviously forgotten a vital piece of sock knitting technique since my last pair!

K x

harmony and rosie said...

Am loving your red boots! Have a great weekend xx

Francesca said...

What a good use for an old knitting needle :)

JP said...

glad you are enjoying life - purple sprouting def does it for me!!

Unknown said...

Sweeeeeeet wee socks and the wool is delish!!! MmmMm soup, canna beat it with days like these hey?!?! Up to now my weekend has been filled to the brim with knitting (my 1st sock project). Rather enjoying the intricate work. Enjoy the rest of the weekend especially the hot chocolate, yum!!! XXX

sue said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Living in boy world we had a weekend of rugby watching, which I watch with one eye and crochet with the other!
We also took a walk to our allotment. Hmm looks like a bit of work needs to be done before we can enjoy some delicious broccoli.

Naturally Carol said...

When I first read about your morning tea I thought you were going to have broccoli with it! LOL...those lovely scrolls look so much more delicious...not as good for you though.

love those cupcakes said...

I love broccoli of any description. Have you tried it oven baked?

Griffin said...

I love those boots! I have a pair of red boots but they're darker red.

I love my broccoli stir-fried with pepper and a light splash of either olive or sesame oil.

Hot choc and a walk with his Walter-ness sounds good.