Tuesday 27 November 2007


Here are the results of sunday's shrinking and felting session.

This cardigan is now baby sized, and the wool has felted really well, it's lovely and dense. I think I'll play around with some pattern ideas and make a bag, keeping the buttoned-up front and deep rib.

I think one of the attractions of felting (aside from the feel, appearance and texture) is that I don't think my sewing abilities are quite so crucial here. On the other hand, perhaps I'm about to learn a vital lesson or two!

I particularly like the berry colours, they have a real autumnal feel. I'm not sure yet what plans I have for the other pieces. So many possibilities!


Anonymous said...

Hey Diana! Popped in the other day, but was at work so didn't get time to comment...looking good!! look forward to reading/seeing more! Caireen x

walter and me said...

Thank you, Caireen, for all your comments and encouragement, you've helped inspire me! Diana x