Thursday 29 November 2007

Something old, something new

I think my walking boots have seen better days, I'm starting to get damp feet. Not surprising really, they're a little neglected, and have covered many miles. But I do love that worn sort of vintage look. New ones won't be the same. And I'd like bright laces on my next pair.

I have a bit of a 'thing' about Moleskine notebooks, and have quite a collection. And I haven't got around to using them all yet, I just like seeing them in piles. I've used the pocket diary for several years, having ditched a cumbersome filofax.

Yesterday, I made the first couple of entries in my new 2008 diary. Bliss! Crisp, clean pages, the snappy elastic to keep it closed, and all that potential....


Di said...

I too love moleskine! I got the red diary for 2008! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I love moleskines too! but you are just going to have to 'soil' them! You'll feel so much better and you can always buy another one! I kept one whenever I was on a trip - sketches, daily journal - priceless. I know what you mean though, I have a 'storyboard' one and have held back from using it...need to heed my own advice! I've seen a new m-skine floppy week to view diary with one page just for notes, and am champing to get one of those for 2008! Cx