Friday 7 December 2007


I've had a busy and at times frustrating few days.

But let me start with a lovely surprise. A couple of weeks back Sally Anne had a giveaway which was won by lucky Gillybean. Part of the prize was some of this wonderful sweet pea fabric, which I rather coveted as sweet peas are my favourite flower and I particularly like the dark varieties such as Matucana, Lord Nelson and Black Night which are also highly scented. Imagine my delight when Sally Anne said she'd send me a piece anyway. So I've been virtually pouncing on my poor postman each morning to see if my little parcel had made it all the way from New Zealand, and a couple of days ago it arrived. Here's that gorgeous fabric:

I'm not sure yet what I will use it for as I really want to improve my sewing skills before I attempt anything. I'd hate to ruin it! Sally Anne also included this lovely christmas-themed fabric

and these two pieces - I love all the individual flowers on the left hand piece, and the one on the right reminds me of tie-dying, which I still do from time to time when the urge takes me.

A big thank you to Sally Anne!

I've also been busy making, and have made a few tree decorations, using felted wool from one of the jumpers I shrunk recently. I find these rather fiddly (they're only 3 and a 1/2 inches high) to do, and rather time consuming, but rewarding too. The wool is very forgiving - where my stitching is a little uneven I can just pull it into shape!

Mr Postman also arrived with my roll of Bakers' Twine I got here. I know everyone seems to be using it at the moment, but I love the red and white....just as well as the roll is 270 metres long! Anyone want a few metres?

Frustrations? Well, there have been a few.......
  1. Blogger has been really slow in the evenings - a couple of times I've tried to post and upload photos, but have given up. Got fed up waiting!
  2. The days have been so gloomy and grey it's been hard to take any photos in natural light
  3. I had a tiny stall at an equally tiny craft fair yesterday, and it was a disaster (should I be telling you this?). I barely sold a thing, and had stayed up late several nights on the trot making cards and gift tags. I even tried to tempt people with a plate of freshly made chocolate brownies, to no avail! It was a bit of a relief to see it was the same for all of us, not just me. So I won't be taking it personally. (oh yeah?)
  4. The wind and gales have been so strong that the fence at the bottom of my garden blew down last night
  5. I got caught in a sandstorm on the beach this morning. Ouch! Spent ages combing sand out of my hair, not to mention the dogs!
  6. And the pup's just been sick on the carpet (I'll spare you the detail)
But just occasionally I'll find something on the beach that makes my heart sing...


Suzanne said...

I love your wee trees! And the heart shaped stone - what a great find! Maybe it is a message from the universe not to lose heart! I know how dissappointing it is when you have put all your energy into getting things together for an event and then not to sell anything!! It happened to me over the summer and it was a whole 2 day event! I didn't sell a thing! I think it is all about getting the right venue and finding out who your potential customers are. I would have definately bought something from you.

Anonymous said...

Love the slate heart - would make a great banner heading for your blog Mrs Pebbledash! If not too late, I'd love some of your stripey string! Know what you mean about the fairs - my first ever fair I only sold to people I knew, and I came all the way up from London with my wares in a little old lady shopping trolley! With time you will find the right venue and customers, I'm sure Xx

walter and me said...

Thank you for your support, Suzanne and Caireen,I still enjoyed the little fair, and there's always something to learn too!! I have a small (about six I think)collection of pebble hearts on my mantlepiece, and my intention is to use some in a banner....but I haven't figured out the 'how'yet! It'll be a thing for the New Year I think! Diana x