Friday 21 December 2007


The winter solstice is here. It's been a beautiful bright clear sunny day, a chill in the air, and a glorious sunset as the light went down. I love this time of year, and will look forward to the slowly lengthening daylight hours. I received this exquisite solstice card this morning from my friend Adele, who also supplies me with my delicious weekly organic veg box.

I'm not sure if you can see the detail, but the body of the robin is a thumb print. All so simple, and yet so effective. Thank you, Adele, I love it!

This tree photo was taken on my morning walk with the dogs. Just seemed very christmassy and apt right now.

The rest of my week has been spent in furious activity finishing off the present making, seeing friends and trying to be organized, though the truth is I'm running around like a headless chicken with rather too many things left on my 'must do' list before departure tomorrow morning. So I'm going to get down to it now......

I'll be back sometime soon. Wishing you all a happy, joyful and peaceful time!
And thank you, too, for visiting my blog.

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Anonymous said...

that looks a lovely card - very simple and effective. think everyone is feeling the same (I am!) so hope your holiday is relaxing, warm and festive x oh, and happy solstice!x