Tuesday 18 December 2007


On Sunday evening I had some friends round for dinner so put up my cards, spruced up the house, lit the candles, collected some beech twigs from the woods, and tried to make my little home look a little bit festive.

I couldn't find any decorations, not sure where I've hidden them, so resorted to a few crystal drops hanging from the twiggy beech branches, and - inspiration - old dangly silver earrings which I no longer wear!

You can just see in the top right of this picture a moose (I think.....or is it a reindeer?) given to me by my friend Peter a few years ago. I've had to resort to hanging him up high as the pup keeps stealing him for chewing purposes. I won't be doing any more decorating as yet again I'm away over Christmas visiting my family.

I've also been busy making......no photos in case anyone takes a sneak preview! I still have lots to do. It may be a week to go, but for me it's 3 more days as I leave on saturday. Best get down to it again!

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