Sunday 9 March 2008

A not-so-quick make

I finally got my sewing machine out today with the intention of making a shopping bag - I wanted to use some of the lovely fabric that my sister gave me back in january. Now, these things are quite simple, aren't they? Seems that's not the case when me and my machine come together, so after a frustrating time which turned into hours, I ended up with this:

I should add that when I took some photos the top stitching wasn't done around the top (it is now). I was in a rush to grab the fading light for the pics! I'm quite pleased with it, though my stitching is a little uneven in places - I wish I understood more about the mechanics of my machine, and how to troubleshoot. I wanted to have a practice run as I signed up for the shopping tote swap over at Rhonda's. It beats a plastic bag, too.

Last thing tonight is closing time for the giveaway I'll post tomorrow with the winner!

1 comment:

Pipany said...

That's a fba bag and I love that fabric too. Well done you and how's the weather down your way? Cheering up here in falmouth now but still blowing a hooley xx