Friday 28 March 2008


I'm going in to hospital today to have my wisdom teeth out under a general anaesthetic (thank goodness, I don't fancy this under a local). I've managed to escape this all my adult life so far, but now the time has come. I'm not bothered about the operation, no, what concerns me far more is how I'm going to eat over the next couple of days. It has been suggested that I'll be doing it through a straw! I'm prepared. Soup is made, and I thought scrambled eggs without the toast would be fine too. Any other suggestions?

I'm ready with my homeopathic remedies and Emergency Essence, and a book to while away some time. The hospital is very conveniently about 300 metres from my house, so I shall toddle up the road for 12, and hope to be home by tea time! And I do hope that any wisdom I have accumulated over the last few years isn't lost along with my teeth.

On another note entirely, I bought my first pair of knitting needles the other day. A lovely bamboo pair. I'm still having trouble casting on. I've looked at tutorials, and am in a muddle - I'm left handed, which means following pictures isn't working, so I'm going to get some hands-on help! I thought a little knitting would be a peaceful and restful activity........


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'm so sorry, Diana ! I do hope everything will be allright at the hospital. Teeth surgery is never funny, but I'm sure you won't regret it...

As to knitting, I can't help you a lot, my friend, but I'm sure there are a lot of knitters in Blogland who will gladly help you :>)

I'll end this comment to you, with some gooood news : your package just arrived, and I'm THRILLED ! (will email you in a minute).



Anonymous said...

speedy recovery - how brave you are! - beautiful notebooks below, and sky pic.. as for food...yoghurt, smoothies? hot chocolate? for a treat xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

Best of luck with the surgery. I hope you have some good spring days to help you along a bit. Get plenty of rest and know that I'm sending you some "good vibes" from down under.

Regards, Marilyn

Sally Anne said...

Oh Diana, I am thinking of you SO much and sending lots of empathy.When I had my tooth extraction recently I found custard, and pureed apricots rather delicious, yoghurt, mashed potatoe and gravy , cheese souffle,soups, and a thick creamy rice pudding...the ultimate in comfort food.
If I can help at all on the knitting front...please email me.Maybe you should just have a practice piece to work on rather than a particular project.There are some good knitting podcasts out there too.
Good luck and have LOTS of salt water rinses constantly in the first few days

Pipany said...

Sorry about the tooth Diana but keep going with the knitting - it's so addictive. Try bunging left handed knotting tutorial blogs in the search engine and see what comes up xx