Wednesday 12 March 2008


I've been tagged by Jane at Snapdragon's Garden for the four things meme. Thanks, Jane! This is the first time I've been tagged...and I'm grateful it's an easy one. So, here goes:

four movies I'd watch again
The Constant Gardener
The Golden Compass
1 Giant Leap

four places I've lived
Notting Hill, London
Chiswick, London
Reigate, Surrey
West Cornwall

four tv shows I watch
I don't have a tv, so pass!

four places I've been
Prussia Cove
Sierra Nevada (Spain)

four people I email
My sisters (all three! Can I count that as one?)

four things I love to eat
Anything Green and Black's
Homemade bread
Roast parsnips

four places I'd rather be
If it were possible...Prussia Cove with my Mum
On the beach on a sunny spring day
Catching up with friends 'up country'
But...there's no place like home!

four things to look forward to
The bluebells coming out
Walking barefoot on the sand
Planting my garden
Longer days...and the clocks going forward

four people to tag
Sally Ann, Suzanne, Charlotte, Amisha
Feel free to opt out if it's not your thing.....!

The sun came out today for a little while, dancing on the water

while the wind still blew us this way and that, not that the dogs minded. If anything, they're more excitable. Any excuse for a dip!


Sally Anne said...

Ooh er, thank you for the tagging Diana, but only four things!!!!
I will do it spontaneously, without thinking too much, like a questionaire...maybe tomorrow.

Pipany said...

Sunny here today too - hurray! xx

alice c said...

My sister had her wedding reception at Prussia Cove - a heavenly, sunny day and very romantic!