Friday 19 September 2008

Love makes the world go round

Things I've loved this week .....

:: warm autumn sunshine, late afternoon sun and long shadows

:: pink skies at sunrise

:: playing on the beach with the dogs

:: starting a new knitting project

:: collecting elderberries and rosehips to make syrups

:: eating my first crumble of the season - blackberry, apple and elderberry

:: chatting with my sisters

:: being treated to lunch by a friend

:: painting on pebbles and sea glass

And I love the way the colour fades on hydrangeas....

slowly seeping from the petals until they are pale and delicate and even more beautiful.

Spread a little love around this weekend, not only to those who expect it, but also to those who don't. On Simplicity has written a wonderful post about love being the world's only truly renewable resource. Read and be inspired.

This seems a good time to welcome a new blogger. Can you remember what it was like in those first few weeks, when you wondered if anyone would drop by and visit, let alone leave a comment? (admit it, we all like comments). So please go and say hi to Kim at Heart in the Country. She's got lots of lovely chickens!

Happy weekend - I think the forecast is sun, sun, sun (at least for the far south west)!


ginny said...

Hi Diana,
the painted pebblesand glass are gorgeous and sweetmyrtle just adores the hydranga photos... just heaven.
it's our anniversary tomorrow so i am off and follow up your 'love' links.
have a 'love'ly weekend
warmest wishes
ginny x

Sally Anne said...

To appreciate the little things and moments in each day brings so much joy to our lives...thank you Diana....I love the pebbles and sea glass treasures.

Heart in the country said...

Hi Diana

Love the hyurdrangea, I always prefer them with their muted colours when they are fading, we only seem to be able to grow pink ones and I have to say I'm not a pink person :)

Can't wait to see how the knitting project progreses.

Thanks for the intro to my blog, I 've already had two new visitors.

Enjoy your weekend x

JuliaB said...

The autumn sun has been wonderful! And your pebbles are lovely. x

Martha said...

I especially love that section of wood that you used to display your pebbles!

Gina said...

The hydrangas are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diana, I needed this reminder about all the good things around me. I have had a really rubbish week or I thought I had.
Love the pebbles and the new blogger.
I'll go and make my list now.

Pippa x

kristina said...

I love your list of happy things. Off to visit Kim... K x

dottycookie said...

Love the pebbles, Diana. We were at a beachside wedding this weekend, and the bride had used pebbles painted with everyone's names as place markers. Gorgeous.

Hill upon Hill said...

I love elderberry cordial. We struggled to get it here for a while but now it is quite easy to get it. You live in a beautiful spot.