Wednesday 12 November 2008

Lucky me

Late last night, when I should have been toddling off to bed, I headed to the computer instead, and an email from Sharilyn at Lovely Design made my day.

I've just won this in a very generous giveaway! I have coveted one of these address files for longer than I can remember. And as Sharilyn hasn't been making any for a while, it's even more special.

Definitely worth staying up for!

Thanks so much Sharilyn. It will be treasured.


ginny said...

just seen the amount of comments... wow.. well done you... you thoroughly deserve some good luck ... so happy for you.
speak soon.
ginny xx

Pipany said...

Blimey Diana, 247 comments and you won!!! Well done you and are you also having the sunshine over your way? Lovely isn't it? Just finished the first of my mittens from the link you told me about and I love them - guess what everyone is having for Christmas! xx

Simone said...

That is a beautiful prize Diana. I am so glad that you was the winner Thanks for introducing me to a new blog too!

Irene said...

You lucky duck, you. That is a very nice gift to get, You are very fortunate. What a talented woman she is.

Heart in the country said...

Wow - well done Diana winning out of all the other comments! I hope you bought a lottery ticket today ;0)


kristina said...

How gorgeous! And how amazing to be picked out of so many comments :) It's a joke in my family how I can never seem to keep track of anyone's address. So I've just purchased an address book, but it's nowhere near as nice as your lovely new file! Super duper. K x