Wednesday 19 November 2008

Pink sky at night

Beautiful pink skies as I walked on the prom while the sun was going down.

There was a stillness in the air, barely a ripple on the water. Peace.
A perfect end to the day.


ginny said...

how beautiful x
thank you for sharing this Diana.
I am tired tonight and a wee bit stressed so i need all the calmness that i can get. these photos are very peaceful.
love Ginny

Pipany said...

Lovely photos Diana and definitely calming. Not sure today will be so sunny as it was blowing a hooley last night. I still look back at your beautiful pictures of the beach when I am unable to get there myself but need my fix. Instant calming (and no checking stats counters for how often Pip appears!!!) xx

Tilly said...

We had the most beautiful sunset here too last night. It can't quite match yours (no lovely reflections) but it was pretty good. I really wish I'd taken a photo.

Simone said...

There have been a lot of beautiful sunsets recently. I took pictures of one last night. The sky was pink, purple and orange and within minutes it was over. I like the reflection in the water. Very peaceful and serene looking.

kristina said...

So beautiful. K x

do you mind if i knit said...

What beautiful, calm images................... I'm there in the photo.............. enjoying the colours...................... lovely!