Thursday 18 December 2008

christmas cards - and a wee giveaway

So finally most of my cards have been written and posted. Just a few left to write, along with a bit of news. Par for the course here - I do have a habit of leaving all things christmassy to the last minute.

As the last few weeks have sped by, I've not found much inspiration for a card for this year. Lurking in the recesses of my brain was the thought that I should take the leap and use my gocco for the very first time. I've kept this secret, but I bought a gocco about six months ago from a little goodness, and although I've looked at the box, unpacked it, touched it, and admired it, courage has failed when it came to actually using it. I'm not sure why I was so daunted really. So, after ordering card supplies (what a luxury, not to mention time saver, to buy pre-cut and folded card as I usually cut and fold myself) and envelopes, what to design? I should add that the blogger who continually inspires with her gocco cards is Melissa, and she's also written a really helpful gocco 'how to' post. Also check out the gocco flickr group.

After a bit of faffing about I was thinking snowflakes. This was semi-discarded, and then developed into my first paper cut, done, I have to admit, with nail scissors! After several attempts I was happy with my design and I ironed this with a tiny bit of steam, then mounted it on card , and took it down to the printers to be photocopied and reduced. The photocopy is used to make the screen.

Then, the scary bit - making the gocco screen. I checked various tutorials and then, well, you just have to do it, don't you? It was much easier than I expected and I'm wondering now why I waited for months to start printing. The red and white features again (the red has come up a bit pink in these photos) - though I have a very small choice of inks to choose from, most of them not 'christmas'.

The actual printing was quite easy, though I haven't always managed to get the ink spread evenly - it's very thick and gloopy.

Once I got going it was quite the production line - anything that could be gocco'd was grabbed! I am really pleased and excited by my cards, and can't wait to try something else.

I've also printed some postcards - maybe these will be cut down for gift tags, or used for a christmas note or two. I've also printed a moleskine cahier so I now have my own little christmas book!

I thought it would be fun to give away a little set of five cards with envelopes. Probably too late for using this year, but save for next! The draw closes at midnight on saturday (2oth) and I'll pull a name from the hat on the solstice. So leave me a comment - oh, and a question for you: What's your favourite christmas song? I'd love to know!


Simone said...

The design on your cards is striking Diana. I really want a gocco too! I would love to enter the giveaway to win your lovely cards. One of my favourite Christmas songs is Father Christmas do not Touch me by the Goodies!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a favourite Christmas song as such, but every Christmas Eve we put 'Carols By Candlelight' on the tv and sing (or hum) along. Then the kids go to bed and I do the Santa thing. Even the 16 year old says that he still believes!!!

driftwood said...

oh they're lovely!
my fave song is a carol, the first noel.

Anonymous said...

these are lovely - well done! I can totally understand how you feel about the gocco... I have been thinking of one for ages, but also intimidated by having endless possiblities! I like 'Christmas (W)Rapping' by the Waitresses and most carols sung well bring up a wee tear and swell of emotion in my chest!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely cards. Favourite Christmas song: Last Christmas by Wham!

JuliaB said...

Gorgeous!! Hmmm favourite xmas song, no contest... FairyTale of New York, Kirsty McColl and The Pogues. x

ginny farquhar said...

these are brilliant... the papercut is so effective... the results perfect. well done you.. see you beat it!
love fairytale of new york.. just been on you tube listening... on the hunt for more christmas music now.

Ali said...

They are gorgeous! Can't believe that is your first attempt. Superb. And the cahier idea is genius.

And yes, I'm another Fairy Tale of New York fan - it's so anti and yet Christmassy at the same time.

But I love all the really traditional carols too - our village has it's 9 lessons and carols on Sunday and I can't wait.

Pipany said...

They are really lovely Diana. Think I may need you to introduce me to the ways of a Gocco before I commit to one. Fave songs are of course Fairytale of New York and Silent Night which I think is so pure. It's nearly here!!!! xx

kristina said...

Your cards are so beautiful! I used to make cut paper snowflakes with the girls when I nannied, but ours were never so lovely.

And my favorite Christmas song is 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.'

K x

dottycookie said...

Those are really beautiful, Diana!

My favourite Christmas song would be anything from the Christmas albums by Ella Fitzgerald, or Frank 'n' Bing. Lovely!

Frances said...

Your card is absolutely smashing! The design is so clean, and that color is a wonderful choice.

I have only read about gocco, and will definitely have to find out more about the technique, since I have never seen it in practice.

Christmas songs... I smile every time I hear Bruce Springsteen and the band do Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and find tears in my eyes every time I hear Once in Royal David's City.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Poppy said...

Pipany was right what a lovely blog you have!

Those cards are lovely, I’m off to have a good look through your blog now.
PS my favourite song would have to be the snow man, walking in the air!
Love Lou xxx

Elizabethd said...

How pretty. I'd love to win your cards. My favourite Christmas hymn is 'Oh Holy Night', sung to the tune that few people seem to know!

Anonymous said...

Hello Diana. I followed a link from Pipany. Your blog is wonderful! I love Christmassy songs and it's hard to pick a favourite. Contenders would be Sleigh Ride, Coventry carol, Fairytale of New York, oh the list is endless. I reckon it depends on the mood of the moment. I'm fancying something choral at the moment so canterbury or coventry carol would be good right now xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh yes the Coventry carol is wonderful and calming, isn't it. "Once in Royal David's City" has the ability to take me straight back to my childhood when it was the first carol that my sister and I learnt to sing all on our own, in front of the crib.

nimblejacks said...

He he I like "Fairy Tale of New York" I'm biased, my lovely hubby sings it in his folk band and I think he's fabxx Lovely cards, I love the shape and texture.

Anonymous said...

I love away in a manger. Everytime I hear the children at my son's school sing this, it makes me cry

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Oh Holy night is my favourite. Love your new cards by the way & I want to have a go at making some felted balls in the new year.


Gina said...

The cards are beautiful Diana - I can't believe I've missed the date for the giveaway. Been behind with reading blogs... can't think why!