Friday 5 December 2008

Introducing Archie.... new dog. He had a very quick journey, and was waiting for me when I got home from work this afternoon. Walter looks slightly alarmed by his presence and tried to whisk him away before

proper introductions could be made. I can reassure you that he was rescued immediately, and has now made himself comfortable in a cosy spot well away from Walter.

Here he is close-up, showing off his felty good looks...

And here, his other profile. I especially love his ears and the way they stick out. And his expression...looking up slightly quizzically.

I saw Archie's brother on Janet's blog and fell for him. Lesley (blogless!), his maker, very generously emailed me and offered to make me my very own felted dog. And that is how the lovely Archie came to live with us. As Janet said: "The world is full of lovely people". How true.

A very big thank you, Lesley.


On a christmas note, this is progress so far:

:: number of presents made: one

:: number of presents 'in progress': one

:: number of presents left to make: at least nine

:: number of christmas cards received: two (including a very long letter)

:: number of cards I've made: none

:: number of times I've listened to the christmas cd compilation: double figures already

:: favourite christmas single: this one. I love it.

Looks like I need to move up a here's to a weekend of crafting and knitting and getting organized.

Happy weekend - hope you're getting into the christmas spirit!


ginny said...

Hi Diana,
Archie is gorgeous... why don't you make him a wee kennel to keep him safe if you think he's too much of a temptation for dear Walter?
Don't worry Christmas is still a few weeks away... i am not very organised either.. after reading Caireen's gift wrap posts i am in danger of having lots of gift wrap but no preasents to wrap.
Have a creative weekend.
with love
Ginny xx

Irene said...

You have a lovely Archie, but I like Walter best.

Good luck getting your gifts made, I am sure they'll turn out super. I know you are a handy woman. I am still using the cards you sent me to add to birthday presents or to send to people on their birthdays.

Have a jolly time this weekend, I'll be thinking of you every time I hear Christmas music.

Lindsay said...

I still love Walter and still cannot persuade Husband to relent to having a four legged friend to join us!

Pipany said...

Oh me too! We have listened to so many CDs of a festive bent and I am not remotely bored of them yet. Bit like you on the present front too Diana. Ah well... Have a love;ly weekend and Archie is just gorgeous xx

A time to dance said...

He's lovely Diana...I have always wanted to have a go at making them..but I think they look really difficult...we are getting ready to go and get the tre and trim the house up...I think we need big jumpers today...have a nice and hugs H

Anonymous said...

Archie is adorable - what a sweet expressionhe has on his little felty face! I am in denial about xmas.

Simone said...

I hope Walter is not too threatened by Archie. :-)

Anonymous said...

I too expect what I call 'ground rush' as it will suddenly loom up, I'm still at the enjoying the thought rather than reality stage (and doing my accounts YUK) Once I've got them done,then xmas can begin and I am stalling a bit!

kristina said...

I love Archie! He has so much personality. And I think you're probably doing better than I am in terms of holiday preparations, so don't worry! K x

JuliaB said...

Nearly as gorgeous as Walter and I am just as behind as you with preparations! Im glad i'm not the only one! ..xx

Anonymous said...

Archie looks like he is standing under your hair dryer after surviving a big lick from Walter!

Anonymous said...

Walter is the best name ever for a dog. A blog friend of mine has a dog named Otto, which must be the second best name.

Exmoorjane said...

I am in total love with Archie. He bears a distinct resemblance to a rather grotty (though age I hasten to add) blue cotton specimen I have.
For a moment there I thought you were mad enough to take on a new 'real' dog - just before Christmas!