Wednesday 10 March 2010

afternoon tea

Sunday afternoon called for tea and cake (of the simplest kind). I've been nibbling the fruits of my labours these last few days - a batch of welsh cakes. There's nothing like a spot of baking and eating for soothing the soul.

If you're not familar with welsh cakes, then do make some. Like pancakes, they're cooked on a hot griddle, and are best when deeply caramelized on each side. They are light and puffy and quite delicious on their own, especially warm from the griddle. Otherwise split them open and spread with butter. Enjoy with a large mug of tea.

Welsh Cakes
(adapted from various recipes)

225g self-raising flour, sieved
110g cold salted butter, cubed
80g caster sugar
pinch of nutmeg (or mixed spice)
a generous handful of currants or raisins or sultanas
1 egg, beaten
milk, if needed

Rub the butter and flour together until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the sugar, nutmeg, sultanas and egg, and mix to form a dough. Loosen with a little milk if needed.

Roll out on a floured surface to about 1/2 cm thick, and cut into rounds. Cook on a hot griddle (or heavy-based frying pan) for 2-3 mins each side, until nicely browned. Eat!

* * * * *

Bessie was my foster dog who ended up staying forever (two years plus) ..... she was a sweet girl who had had a traumatic life and she hated being photographed, which is why she rarely featured here. Mostly, she liked to sleep, and to dream, and to lay in the sun. We miss her.


Griffin said...

Diana, is it possible to do the cakes without flour? I have a friend who's gluten allergic and a foodie! She'd love these, but can't touch the flour... or could it be done with a non-wheat flour?

You should have got photos of Bessie when she was asleep or stretched out in the sun and couldn't be bothered to get up!!

Our last cat Manfred was a rescue cat and had obviously had a traumatic life, but he and I became close friends - i.e. he worked out what a softie I am!! He used to wait for me to come home from work so he could sleep on my lap while I read the paper.

Some people need to understand that they're not the only important species on the planet. Then learn how to treat other creatures with more respect. On the other hand, at least Bessie ended in a house of love.

dottycookie said...

oh, thise welsh cakes do look good. It's years since I've had one.

I'm so sorry you lost Bessie. She looked like a wonderful old girl.

Simone said...

I could really eat those cakes right now! I didn't like to ask who Bessie was. I am so sorry Diana. x

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing alittle more about the beautiful Bessie. I have owned 3 Labradors all of which have now passed on - the last of which was a little Chocolate Monster we named Eliza. She was only 3 and a half when she became ill and I had to have her put to sleep - our pets become such a huge part of our lives and are members of our family - their presence is sorely missed when they are gone. I've vowed never to have another as I don't think I could handle the pain again.
(Big hugs RE: Bessie).

Petit Filoux said...

Those look very tasty, I'm definitely going to try them very very soon!! (would i have enough time to make them tomorrow morning before going into work?!)
So sorry about Bessie, she looked like a lovely dog x

Cate said...

sorry to hear about bessie, x

kirsty said...

So sorry for your loss, she was a beauty x

Diane said...

At least Bessie was loved for the last years of her life. You did a wonderful thing for her Diana. xx

kristina said...

I'm so sorry about Bessie. Thinking of you. K x

dragonfly said...

Mmmm, I love Welsh cakes. There was a lady who came to my parents group who would get up SO early to make us some to have with our morning coffee (she then drove from South Wales to Oxford!)

I'm so sorry to hear about Bessie.

Razmataz said...

Yum, I am on a diet and now I am craving.!!


MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely photo of Bessie, she looked such a sweetie.

Louise said...

I love Welsh Cakes, although I have never made them. I will buy a pack from Waitrose, and devour the lot! I am sorry to hear you lost dear Bessie. x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Welsh Cakes!!!! Haven't had those since I was a child and mum used to make them nice and hot with lashings of butter....oooh Yummy :-) Will have to make some for my boys! Sorry to hear about Bessie, she looked like a lovely soul and you should be comforted to know that she had the best in the twilight of her life. A true gift to her from your family. xx

driftwood said...

so sorry to hear about Bessie, I hope the welsh cakes help you heal your greif xox

Fiona said...

Umm. Welsh cakes. Will try those. The donkey looks like he might like some as well.

silverpebble said...

I'm so very sorry you have lost Bessie Diana - she looks as though she was a great friend.

It's so strange that you should post about welshcakes as I've been keen to try some for a while. Now I certainly will x