Tuesday 30 March 2010


The wind is howling and the rain is pouring. Spring, where are you? I'm a little out of sync since the clocks changed, and feeling rather quiet, choosing to lose myself in some poetry.

For visual inspiration I'm looking at some photographs I took last week in my favourite woods.

Blue skies, sunshine, shadows, and the added bonus of wood smoke drifting through the trees.

The season of walking in the woods is upon me. I've been waiting oh-so-long for this moment. Too wet and muddy in winter, they're a joy in spring and summer, and on into autumn. And soon...soon, the bluebells will show their nodding blue heads.


Simone said...

I hope that spring comes back soon! It feels very damp and bleak at the moment! Hopefully the brighter days are on their way and you can go walking in the woods again.x

Grandmaibb said...

Oh a walk in the woods, it's been so long. My niece tell me the rain in Penzance has been horizontal today. Hasn't been much better here.

The trees look so inviting.


ginny said...


Tracy x said...

thank you for my beautiful card - your words always, always fill me with hope x
you truly are a wonderful friend
much love to you and the boy
t x

dottycookie said...

Spring'sgone here too - my teeth were literally chattering this evening! Still, maybe we'll get to ligt another fire tomorrow ...

Jackie said...

Keep very quiet about those woods. Look what happened to mine.
(Other blog)

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Ooh, I make no secret of my love for woods and they often feature in my posts, but this woodland walk looks wonderful Diana! I'm so envious! I hope spring returns for us soon. It's miserable here today!

Thank you for the link to the new Mary Oliver collection and for your email too!

Jeanne xx

kristina said...

Oh what beautiful photos!

It's turned so terribly cold and wet here. I think I must have jinxed spring by getting my light coat out. I've had to go back to the wool coat plus hat and scarf! K x

willow said...

Its cold and wet here today and not at all springlike but in the woods I have noticed the distinctive bright green colour of emerging bluebell leaves. We won't have to wait too long for the carpet of blue.