Wednesday 13 April 2011

random goodness

A few good things from the last week:

:: sun, sun, sun! (until today, that is)

:: a little bunch of hellebores from my neighbour

:: roasted, salted soya nuts. Strangely addictive, and rather virtuous (or am I kidding myself?)

:: progress on the sock - I've finally turned the heel. I've been knitting this in fits and starts. It's slow.

:: my boy. He loves to sunbathe

:: the woods, with the early morning sun streaming through moss-covered trees

 :: primroses nestling at the bottom of a cornish hedge

:: new leaves unfurling from lichen covered branches

:: a brief visit from friends. Stories were told, laughter was shared, and it was all over too quickly.

I'm loving this month, there's so much to enjoy and savour. Life feels full of hope.


rachel said...

How nice. May it all last and last.....

Tilly said...

Soya nuts - yum!

driftwood said...

random gorgeousness!

Griffin said...

I'm impressed with the knitting. I'm just learning from a book and finding out it's trickier than it looks!!! Still, good fun and the wool got told off several times... and blamed the needles!

Love the Hellebores... and Walter of course... not so sure about soya nuts. But did have cake yesterday and can always do cake!

kristina said...

Oh I love hellebores! And Walter looks so sweet in the sun. Just turning the heel on a Parade sock in Back Bay blue, and now I see it looks much like yours--again great minds and all that...!

K x

silverpebble said...

This is the best post ever, AND it has lichen in it.

potterjotter said...

Am also loving this month - it has a special light and the shadows in your tree pictures are great. You get used to the sun, though, and then suddenly its gone - as in today.

Susan said...

lovely - I love hellebores (I keep meaning every year to plant a few)

sue said...

Lovely post Diana I think we are all just glad the gloom of winter has passed!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Random loveliness Diana. I am so with you on the joy of April!