Saturday 30 April 2011


All these bank holidays have lulled me in to holiday mode! Here's a few snippets from the last week:

:: Meandering through my local graveyard early sunday morning and seeing this perfectly-framed gravestone.

:: Walter plucking up the courage to swim for his ball.

My boy is not a brave dog - he rarely goes out of his comfort zone, and quite literally needs the security of the ground beneath his feet.

It makes my heart sing to see him swim properly - it happens so rarely. Mostly, he paddles and runs through the water, then lies down to cool off.

:: Rebecca reminded me how delicious homemade yogurt is. I'm back in the swing of making my own, using local unpasteurised milk. Yum!

:: Making pesto with wild garlic leaves - my version is made from sunflower seeds, wild garlic, a garlic clove, olive oil, grana padano (cheaper than parmesan), lemon juice and salt and pepper. It's divine - smeared on toast, tossed in some pasta, in a simple risotto, or in a sandwich.

:: Watching my sweet peas emerge into little seedlings. I planted them a little late, but I'm sure they'll catch up. At the moment they're on the window seat in my bedroom.

:: The wedding. I was planning on ignoring it, but somehow I drifted to the computer on and off all day yesterday to catch up (no tv in my house!). It was so moving, and for all the grandeur I think it retained a sense of intimacy. Two young people setting out on their life together, and so clearly in love. Kate looked quite beautiful, and her dress was stunning. I admit to feeling a little teary with emotion.


Louise said...

You summed up perfectly just how the wedding was for me too. x

dottycookie said...

Walter looks so happy :-)

I must admit to shedding a tiny tear myself yesterday. What a wonderful day - and you're right, it felt like a real wedding. Maybe we're all being naive but I am hopeful this one will last!

love those cupcakes said...

Your pesto sounds delicious and I'd love to try making it but have no idea where to look for wild garlic.
As for that wedding, I blubbed like a baby. And then got drunk.

kristina said...

Ditto everything you said about the wedding--we don't have a tv either but found ourselves drifting to the computer too!

And must give the yogurt a try. I even have the little German machine from John Lewis to make it (still languishing in its box)...

K x

Unknown said...

Ahhh bless Walters wee cottons. How happy does he look!

Oh my days the wedding was just amazing. What a magical day it was. A true fairytale! I had a wee tear or two in my eyes at times. Have to admit was a smidge tipsy at the end of the day, mMmmm Pimms, tehe!

Loves Ionwen X

Frances said...

Your snippets are grand! Each of them, so it's hard to choose a favorite.

Grana padano is a great cheese, isn't it? Not much wild garlic growing around my NYC neighborhood, but I like the sound of that recipe.

Totally agree with your sentiments re the royal newlywed couple.

Best wishes.

Grandmaibb said...

I've just started making my own yogurt after watching Huge on River Cottage Everyday. Where do you get your unpasteurized milk?

I watched the wedding as I was working in the kitchen. Lovely.

Pip x

julie said...

Lovely pictures especially Walter in the water. I'd planned on not watching the wedding either but found myself sucked in - there was a rather special atmosphere and it's nice to see the news media focussing on something happy and positive.

Gina said...

It's funny isn't it that so many of us felt the same about the wedding in the lead up... and then we were drawn in. I think you've described it beautifully... such a wonderful happy day and such a lovely young couple.

Griffin said...

Well done Walter!

I avoided that wedding by being in Paris... and finding it on in every bar/cafe on their tellies. So I ignored it... pointedly. I never liked weddings and still don't. Especially royal ones. Will have to try making pesto... when my basil's a bit bushier!!