Friday 1 April 2011

welcoming the weekend

What better way to start the weekend than a bag of Montezuma's Giant Chocolate Buttons? A gift from one of my sisters.

I was going to spell out 'weekend' in chocolate buttons, but I'd already started munching and there weren't enough....

Much as I like visiting my family, my favourite place is home. I appreciate it even more when I've been away, and can look at it with fresh eyes. Still, it's time for a spring clean I think, and some more de-cluttering. I have no weekend plans, I'll just see what unfolds. Pretty blissful, really. How about you?

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post. I'll be making my own 'cook box' soon, once I've decided on the colour of bookcloth I want to use. One thing that came up in the comments was chopping up my Mother's old books. I am a bit of a book junkie, and I could easily have brought this little pile home and stuck them on a shelf. The thing is, that's where they would have stayed. I didn't want to read the stories, so to upcycle the pages and personal inscriptions into something new that would be used and hopefully loved, was the perfect answer for me.

Happy weekend to you!


Lyn said...

Have a lovely weekend.No better start than with chocolate!

Lori's page said...

Oh, chocolate buttons, miss them so much. As much as I miss all the lovelies at Easter, Cadburry's creme eggs, the mini eggs to decorate Easter rice crispies nests, and others. Such a shame my next trip to UK is end of April :-( I will just look at your lovely photos instead, any chance of obliging? ;-)

Susan said...

Had a little visit to the Montezuma's chocolate shop and oh my ... Your recipe boxes are beautiful, very clever and so well crafted.

Happy weekend to you & Walter we're in the midst of our last (hopefully) winter freezing slush/snow storm xo S

Tilly said...

Loved the boxes and a great way to use the old books I think. Chocolate, knitting and a bit of charity work for me this weekend. Hope you enjoy yours.

dragonfly said...

Yum! Posh chocolate buttons!
My weekend will be spent wandering the streets of Oxford but am hoping chocolate figures somewhere ; )

kristina said...

Happy weekend to you too! And you clearly need more chocolate buttons--for spelling purposes of course :)

K x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

And to you Diana!

Enjoy your spring-clean and de-cluttering. Possibly on the cards for me too this weekend ...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can see how it goes .
As fast as your right hand is composing the next letter , your left hand is popping the last letter into your mouth , button by button .
I'm late catching up and it's nearly next weekend .
But I'll be lolling about disgracefully yet again , eating too much and enjoying the peace ..... Though there is a Collector's Fair that might well tempt me out !