Wednesday 19 March 2008

Heavenly days

Do you ever have days when you think 'this is it, life's just perfect'?
The last couple of days have been like that here..... such heavenly days

Waking early to intense blue skies, sunshine, sharp salty air,
so invigorating to the senses...

Days when the rhythm flows effortlessly from one moment to the next.
When you slip in a walk on the beach, with only the dogs
and the gulls for company,and this is the backdrop,
a castle on its own little island.
Life feels very special on days like these

And the icing on the cake is an unexpected phone call from
one of your dearest friends who you've not spoken to for a while

Heavenly days indeed


NADINE said...

Such a nice post, with beautiful pictures (sooo relaxing !).
THANKS for that !

(Thanks also for your email : don't worry dear, just do them when you can, enjoy your visitors - and Easter :>)

Smiles to you !

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

It sounds like after the increadible storms you've been having over there recently you need some blissful days. It truly does sound (and look) heavenly. Serendipity in action!

Heaven for me right now would be the odd drop of rain (or darned good bucketing!) What's left of the grass is brown and crunching underfoot!

Regards from Australia, Marilyn

Cheri said...

Lovely pictures!

I tried to respond to your email, but it came back.

I do love the mini notebooks you are making...(hint, hint) but no rush whatsover.

Anonymous said...

Such peaceful pictures - I could do with some of that! Just looking at them soothes the soul and if I listen very carefully.....I can hear the waves and the cries of the gulls!

Pipany said...

And now it's flipping freezing here!!! Bring back the sun - you've also made me desperate for a walk at Marazion...soooo pretty xx