Tuesday 1 April 2008

On knitting, and recovery

Thank you for all the good wishes and food suggestions, I really appreciate it. The operation went well and I feel fine.... just a bit wiped out, it's more the anaesthetic than anything else. It's been a long time since I've had a general, and the passing of the years make a difference to the speed of recovery! Still, I count myself lucky, the woman in the next bed was having a total evacuation, followed by dentures, and she was only two years older than me. And I'm not exactly old, really I'm not. So, many smoothies later, some porridge, and lots of sleep and I'm still here. I can now have hot drinks and hot food too, so back to my daily ritual of a Green and Black's hot chocolate at bedtime. Bliss!

As I was only capable of shuffling around at home over the weekend, I picked up the knitting needles again. And something weird happened. Suddenly, I could just knit (very basically, you understand) I think kind of not thinking about it helped, and I realized I was trying to cast on in a complicated way, so I abandoned that. I had some Rowan dk cotton left from about twenty years ago when a friend did some knitting for me, so first off I knitted a dishcloth, and then I got carried away, and chose the easiest project in the Monkey and Sofia Knitting Book.


You may be thinking he's a dog, with those floppy ears, but you'd be wrong. Here's a clue:

A rabbit! A very special rabbit - I adjusted the pattern for the ears, so now he's a lop-eared rabbit and he's destined for my eldest sister. She keeps real lops, so it was a necessary alteration!

I can see why knitting is so addictive - all that potential, and so much beautiful wool to choose from, it's very seductive. I knitted very briefly as a child, knitting scarves for my toy animals, but never mastered it and as a consequence got thoroughly bored. I can see things might be a bit different this time round.

A few days ago I received my shopping tote from my swap partner in the States (this was from a tote swap over at Rhonda's) and I love it. Fabulous bright colours, perfect for spring. The design has been taken from deconstructing a plastic bag and using that as a pattern.

Thank you, Aubrey! I posted mine off today, but I really think I got the better deal.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you're feeling better and recovering well ! I had checked your blog this morning, and thought "if no news tonight, I'll send an email... and here your are ! :>)

Take care, dear, and congratulations for this lovely, lovely rabbit ! (you must have been a pro knitter in some other life, for sure).

(((HUGS)) & smiles to you !

Anonymous said...

Great Rabbit! Knitting does become addictive - be warned! Such a lovely bag too - lucky you! Hope you are feeling better

Sally Anne said...

How wonderful to find yourself knitting, and the little rabbit is VERY CUTE indeed.
Great to hear you are making a good recovery..well done on everything!!

Meadowlark Days said...

Someday I hope to learn how to knit! The bunny is cute.