Thursday 5 June 2008

Needles galore!

How many pairs of knitting needles does a girl need? My lovely friend and neighbour (the car boot pro) has cleared out her knitting bag and given the contents to me to sort out.

As a new knitter, who only has two pairs of bamboo kneedles, sizes 4mm and 5.5mm, this is like a child being let loose in a sweetshop! They are all the old uk sizes, but with the aid of a conversion chart, and the needle box with conveniently labelled needle holes I've sorted out the needle stash.

There's plenty of choice in most sizes - plastic, metal, double points.....

Some chunky wood needles, the largest pair stamped with Jaeger Kingpin (not sure what size they are, too fat for the size guage)

Some odd ones here and there...

The choice is mine ... to keep what's needed to fill in the gaps in my collection, except it's the other way round, of course! You can hardly call two pairs of needles a collection, more a place to start. So I will choose a pair to keep of each size from this vast array, and return the rest. I have also been given a lovely red tartan knitting bag, which I forgot to photograph.

So I'm very lucky indeed, and am very grateful. No excuses for not knitting owing to lack of equipment! I'm still in dishcloth mode....time for a photocall soon.


Niki said...

Wow! What a windfall, I'm sure they will come in very handy.

Anonymous said...

Oh but you DO need more than one pair in each side. If you knot a jumper you can start the front and back and be knitting both at the same time. more importantly it defineitely is a good idea to be able to knit both arms at the same time. So keep at least TWO of each size.

Pipany said...

Now that's what I call a present! Hope you got my email and sorry it was so late!!! xx

dragonfly said...

That is a most impressive collection of needles, lucky you!