Sunday 22 June 2008

Recycled mini notebooks

I've been feeling a little cranky and unmotivated these last few days. My back is very sore - the hours spent driving on my recent family visit, coupled with too many hours at the computer, have taken their toll. I'm shuffling round like a crippled old lady. I know the answer is less time sitting still, more time stretching and walking. I'd let my morning stretches slide (nothing fancy, ten mins max on the bathroom floor!) and I know that hasn't helped either.

After a slow start, today has been easier, though I feel like I'm having a bit of a creative block. Desperate to see a small project through from start to finish, I turned to my trusty scalpel blade! While trying to find something else I came across some unused filofax paper. I no longer use a filofax, preferring moleskines, but various bits of paper were still hanging around. I thought they'd be perfect for a couple of mini notebooks, and I didn't need to chop any paper down to size.

(edited: did I say no trimming required? Ok, just slivers...I can see them in the photo!)

The 'icing sugar' book was made a few days ago from paper scraps and an icing sugar box, using a not-very-even stab stitch. I now have a bookbinder's awl, needles, and proper waxed thread, which makes the whole process much easier.

These two notebooks were made using a filofax envelope for the cover, and various papers for the signature. They're bound very simply using pamphlet stitch. For the one on the left I've used the flap of the envelope to wrap round to the front.

The one on the right (shown here upside down!) keeps the envelope opening inside at the back. You can use the envelope on both of them - maybe for receipts or loose bits of paper. I also stamped the one with the red closure, but was only half paying attention when I pressed down the 'e'. Hey ho.... The button came out of my button box.

I cut out a little card disc for the closure on this one, sewed it on, and just wrapped the yarn round it with a single knot to secure.

They were very quick to make - once I'd decided what I was doing each notebook took about fifteen minutes. And I felt like I'd finally achieved something, however small.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It poured and poured here friday and saturday, so the solstice was literally a wash-out. Back to blue skies today, which is what I expect at this time of year.


Anonymous said...

The notebooks are delightful. I have really enjoyed looking at your lovely pictures.

Ali said...

Oh, they are gorgeous!

Pipany said...

Lovely notebooks Diana. Do you sell them and if not, why not?!! The weather has been flipping dismal and it's dull, dull, dull here again today...sigh. Know what you mean about no motivation and spending too much time at the computer! xx

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, the computer tends to suck you in before you realise what is happening. I am suffering from a lack of motivation too - even a trip to JL didn't really help! Love the notebooks!

Exmoorjane said...

You are so flipping clever! If I attempted something like that, even four year olds would cackle with laughter.
I am so with you on the back/computer thing....just so addicted. Sigh.
Thanks to you too for your lovely comments - and so glad I've brought Bruce back into your life.... Baby, we were born to run.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh i LOVE these notebooks very much! Especially love the little cardboard button...genius.
What is it about teeny notebooks that is so utterly appealing?
ps lovely to "see" you over at my place, thanks for dropping by :o)