Monday 2 June 2008

My bench

I grew up with this bench.

For as long as I can remember it was on the terrace at my parents house. Somewhere, there's a black and white photo of me shelling peas into a colander, aged: very small, I don't know, about 4 I guess. So that makes the bench forty-plus years.... Several years ago my Mum and Dad decided to replace it with a new one - a different shape, and a new position in the garden. For a while this one was still wanted, and then finally, it was redundant. So I claimed it - I'd much rather have a bench with some history, with a story to tell, of sitting outside with a cup of tea, soaking up the sun. It has the perfect flat arms for your mug, or a glass of wine. Room to sit, to spread out, read the paper, or relax with a book. It has a bit of a wobble these days, and the oak is very worn, but that adds to its vintage charm.

I did, however, have to think about getting it down to Penzance. And so it has just sat for rather a long time in the garage, awaiting transportation. Until last's journey underway, a brief break in Somerset, before arriving in its new home on friday morning. I was spurred into action by my father threatening to turn it into firewood. My garden is south-facing, and when the sun is out it's hot all day. The perfect place, then, was the east-facing wall, to sit with a cup of tea and absorb the first rays of hot hot sun in the morning.

I love this bench (but then I think you've guessed that by now)

And if you need a very reasonable and reliable man with a van, who seems to drive all over the country, I have his number.


Pipany said...

I love things with a history too Diana and that bench looks a beauty. Especially lovely if the history is your own too. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh for a south facing garden and a bench of my own! Arms wide enough for a mug of coffee are a must!

Niki said...

funny which things become "touchstones" in our life.

Chantelle said...

Toronto is bustling with activity as the weather warms up! It's definitely a good time to come for a visit, the tourists aren't roaming yet and the weather isn't scorching and smoggy. I still can't get over the meadows of purple you shot. It looks like one of the most serene places in the world. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

you can't beat a good bench...I am falling in love with ours too - just sitting there is connected with emptying your head, enjoying a brew and a good stare at the garden. Heaven! Congrats on winning the sketchbook, hope it inspires! Cxx